Kids’ birthday party ideas

Kids’ birthday party ideas

Discover 40 unique children’s birthday party ideas!

Need to plan a kids’ birthday party? But not sure what to do? We’ve got you covered!

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In this article, we’ve listed numerous different kids’ birthday party ideas and options for you to consider.

Let’s dive in!

Kids’ birthday party ideas

A kids’ birthday party is generally centred around one main activity, often with a number of smaller activities built around it.

You can either choose a party theme and base your activities around it, or select activities you like and choose a theme that matches. Both options work equally well.

Pro-tip: if you’re looking for a theme, check out our “A to Z” on kid’s party themes resource.

Below, we’ve listed most of the popular kids’ birthday party activities you might want to consider:


If there is a zoo located nearby, this is a great option, especially on a nice sunny day.

Just be aware that visiting a zoo usually requires a lot of walking. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind so make sure your young crew is up for a hike!


Another popular option is to go to the cinema to watch a movie to celebrate your kid’s birthday. Especially if the party matches the release date of the latest popular Disney/Animated movie. 

Laser tag

For a bit of adrenaline and action, why not play a game of laser tag. The only catch is that you need a decently large group to play the game (6 to 10). This means that you might want to plan some carpooling with the other parents.

Similarly, you could go paintballing. However, we recommend waiting until they’re in their late teens for this. In fact, in Ireland, the minimum age is 14 years old.


Bowling can be enjoyed at any age. Why not go to the bowling alley and play a few rounds to celebrate the upcoming birthday?


Ziplining involves sliding from one end of a cable to the other by a pulley system and is much loved by adventurous kids! At outdoor recreational centres, it may be combined with tree-climbing and other activities.

If no one is afraid of heights, this is a great activity to do! Just make sure they have a course that is age-appropriate.


If you live in a tourist area and there is a lot to see, why not use the birthday party to go and do some kid-friendly sightseeing.

For example, some bus tours are specifically designed for kids and just about every castle is cool when you’re young.

The Circus

The circus is in town, why not book a few seats and go enjoy the show. Although most circuses don’t now include live animals (which is probably for the best) the shows remain as breath-taking as they’ve always been.

Definitely a memorable birthday.

The Theatre

If you have a local theatre, check to see if there are any kids/family-friendly plays on during your kid’s birthday. This might be a musical they’re fond of, like Annie, or even a play they’ve never heard of before.

Trampoline parks

Why not spend the afternoon bouncing around at the trampoline park. It’s one of the few high energy activities that’s done entirely indoors.

While these parks are safe, it’s important to make sure everyone sticks to security guidelines.

Amusement parks

There is no better place to be for an adrenaline enthusiast than the top of a rollercoaster! If you have a local amusement park, why not spend the day there?

This is probably best for smaller groups as the parks are often located a bit out of town and require driving to.

Water parks

If all of your tentative young guests are good swimmers, why not spend the day at the water park? Similar to the amusement park, just with lots more water!

Petting Farms

Plan an afternoon out at a petting farm or petting zoo. Is usually very magical for young kids.

Depending on where you live, however, this option may not be available nearby.


Very simply, why not go and enjoy a meal at a restaurant. For younger kids, you can search your local area for some family-friendly ones. Kids can never get enough of pizza places, burger joints and Nando’s!

Party Venues

Party venues, party centres or leisure centres are venues that cater specifically to kids’ parties. They’re party heaven for kids. They have games food and everything you can imagine.

Arcade games

Why not go play some vintage (and not a vintage) arcade games to celebrate your kid’s birthday? Depending on where you live, you should be able to find a family-friendly arcade venue.

Soccer party

If your child is a soccer (or football) fan, then you can’t go wrong with planning a football party. In fact, we’ve dedicated an entire article on planning a football party.

You can also hire a football entertainer to play games and teach cool moves to your young crowd.  If you’re based in Ireland, you can book an entertainer directly through the PartyWizz platform.

Play a game of sports

Obviously, life isn’t just about football…but a lot of people seem to think it is! You can play just about any sport at a party. For true fans, it’s guaranteed to be a lot of fun.

Escape rooms

As parents, it sometimes sounds tempting to lock up your kids. Technically that’s what an escape room is except it’s supervised and fun!

These have grown in popularity in recent years. It requires each team to solve a combination of puzzles in order to escape from the room.

The trick is finding one that’s age-appropriate and not too difficult for younger kids.

Rock climbing

Celebrate your kid’s birthday by going rock-climbing. Depending on the time of year, this can either be indoors or outdoors. It’s something I vividly remember doing when I was a kid and enjoying immensely.


You can also go zooming around in go-karts for the upcoming birthday. You just need to find venues that specifically cater to younger kids.

Adult carts aren’t the same as the kids’ ones. Usually, you can’t use an adult cart until you’re about 12 or 13 years old (venues usually have a height requirement).

Pamper party

Pamper parties are real magic for kids. Especially for young girls. It’s an afternoon of manicures, temporary glitter tattoos and more. In fact, we wrote and entire article on planning a pamper party at home.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can hire a pamper party directly through the PartyWizz platform. They will have all the equipment needed.

Face painters

Hire a face painter to paint the faces (and arms) of your younger guests. It’s always fun and it makes for great pictures (especially the kids who ask for something crazy like a pirate ship!). You can find some tips for hiring a great face painter in our separate article.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can hire a face painter directly through the PartyWizz platform.

Balloon modelling

Just as popular as face painters are balloon modellers. There is something truly unforgettable and unique for kids when they see their dream balloon creation coming to life.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can hire a balloon modeller directly through the PartyWizz platform


Minigolf is great fun for young kids as it cuts out most of the walking and the difficulty while leaving all the fun. Being very bad at golf, I obviously can’t recommend this one… But some people seem to enjoy it!

Garden Camping

Obviously, you could go for some actual camping but, to keep things easy, why not organise some garden camping? All the fun of sleeping outside combined with the benefits of a warm shower and a fully equipped kitchen for breakfast.

Bonus: For parents, it’s a good way to keep the noise level down indoors… but the neighbours might not think the same…

Painting party

If you have artistically inclined kids, why not organise a painting birthday party? While this sounds easy, make sure you take all the required “safety” precautions… no one likes carpet stains. Ideally, try to do this activity outside. In Ireland, easier said than done!

Scavenger hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt for the young guests to solve. This is a classic birthday party activity and for good reason. A true, traditional scavenger hunt makes for a very memorable occasion.

Slumber party

When you’re young, there is something unique about planning slumber parties or sleepover parties. The good news for the parents is that you can do this as simply or as elaborately as you want.

For example, one of the PartyWizz partners provides mini slumber party teepees that they set up for you. You can find all of our slumber party packages on our website.

Pro-tip: In addition to the sleepover, you’ll probably want to organise a “main” activity to do before lifgts out.

Movie night

This usually isn’t a birthday activity in its own right but it’s a great way to wrap up the event. Once all the younger guests have run out of steam, simply put on their favourite movie while the other parents arrive.

Cooking party

If you have enthusiastic young chefs at home, why not put on a cooking party/baking party. The classic being the ‘making your own pizza” party.  In fact, we have dedicated and entire article on the topic of planning a baking party at home.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking for some general food ideas, you can check out our article on kid’s party food.

Arts and Crafts

If you want to get your hands dirty (literally and figuratively) why not do some arts and crafts with your young guests. We’ve listed a few easy arts and craft ideas for you to try out in a previous article

If you’re based in Ireland, you can also book an arts and craft entertainer directly through the PartyWizz platform. They will have all the equipment needed for your young guests.

Watch a match

If you have a young sports enthusiast, then going to see a live match for their birthday party is sure to be a hit! In Ireland obviously, GAA matches come to mind but any live sporting event will do as long as it’s not too late in the evening!

Just keep in mind that some sports feel slower in person than they do on the television (for example rugby).

Slime parties

Slime parties are technically arts and crafts parties too. But due to their popularity, they require a mention of their own. In fact, we have dedicated an entire article on hosting a slime party at home (we’ve also written a post about making slime…).

If you’re based in Ireland, you can also hire a slime party entertainer for the occasion. They will have everything needed to orchestrate the event correctly.


Hire a magician to perform a show for all of your young guests. Typically this is a 45 minute to a one hour show designed to entertain the kids and the parents.

One of the hidden benefits is that there is no need to move as they’ll come to your house or venue.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can also hire a kid’s magician directly through the PartyWizz platform.


Ready to dance all afternoon? Why not host a disco party for your kid’s birthday? You can either book a venue for the occasion or do it at home.

Older kids will be happy to dance along on their own while younger kids will enjoy dancing to specific moves. Plan accordingly!

If you’re based in Ireland, you can hire a disco entertainer directly through the PartyWizz platform.


Pinatas are a classic of kids’ birthday parties. Don’t see this as a “mean” activity as they usually don’t last long… Especially if there is one in the group who has started to develop a bit of strength!

If you’re up for some arts and crafts prior to the event, you can make one of these at home. Alternatively, you can also buy them ready-made in shops or in the PartyWizz store.

Party Packages

Packages are catch-all activities for kids to do at parties. They’re ideal for general themed parties (like princess or pirate) as the activities can be tailored to match the theme.

For an in-depth look as to what is a kid’s party package, you can check out our article on the topic.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can hire a party package directly through the PartyWizz platform

Puppet Shows

Puppet shows are an old classic of parties. You can either go out to see one or book an entertainer to perform one at your upcoming birthday party. It’s a great way to revisit classic stories or explore a new one.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can hire a puppet show directly on the PartyWizz website.

Science party

At a young age, science feels like real magic (until it becomes a school topic at which point it might become “boring”!). Why not host a science party for your upcoming birthday child?

You can check out our separate article on how to host a science party at home or hire one on the Partywizz website.

Bouncy Castle

Last but not least…book a bouncy castle for the occasion. If you have space at home this will definitely be a hit.

You can check out our separate article for some tips on how to book a great bouncy castle.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can book a bouncy castle directly through the PartyWizz website.

That’s a wrap

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas for your upcoming birthday party. For a break down by age group, you can also read our article on entertainment by age groups.

PartyWizz helps parents and party organisers easily book entertainment and key elements of a party online.

We pride ourselves in working with the best entertainers in each category – magiciansface paintersballoon modellers, princess partiesarts and crafts, and many more.

If you’re based in Ireland and you’re interested in hiring a kid’s entertainer you can place the booking directly through PartyWizz.

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