Kid’s Entertainment by Age Group

Kid’s Entertainment by Age Group

It can be hard for parents to evaluate which activities, or entertainers, young children will enjoy the most. Your kids will likely suggest multiple activities, but which ones are appropriate? At what age will they enjoy the entertainment to the fullest?

In this article, we’ve sorted party activities and entertainment by age group. However, every child is different and what we’ve listed below is just a rule of thumb.

Entertainment For Ages 3 or Less

Entertainment at this age isn’t easy and should be kept simple. The entertainment will mostly be done through body language and expressions. Kids of that age love visual jokes and silly gags.

Puppet shows

A puppet show with a very simple story line and slapstick comedy is perfect for a young audience.

Balloon Modellers

Balloon modellers are magical for younger kids. Just beware, the balloon will eventually pop or go missing!

Entertainment For Ages 3–7:

Kids develop a keen interest in stories. They enjoy telling them, listening to them and acting them out. Entertainment that follows

At 5 or 6, kids don’t tire out as fast. This means you can now include outdoor activities in your consideration set – a perfect way to get them to let off steam!


Clowning is a universal form of entertainment and has no age restrictions. Clowns always light up the party with laughter.

Note that younger children may be frightened of face paint. Speak with the performer beforehand to see if they will be wearing make-up.

Kid’s Magician

Magic endlessly fascinates young kids. This is the perfect age group to enjoy a kid’s magic show.

Face Painter

Face painters are great for everyone over the age of 3 but it’s worth checking with the entertainer what paint they use to make sure it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Puppet Shows

Above the age of three children can engage in more elaborate puppet stories. It’s the perfect age to revisit the classic shows.

Balloon Modellers

Balloon modellers are magical for younger kids. Just beware, the balloon will eventually pop or go missing!

Play Centres

Up to the age of 8 or 9, depending on the venue, play centres can be a great option. Take a look at this article to choose the best entertainment centre for your kids.

Princess Parties

Have a princess come to the party and transform the guests into their favourite princess. It’s unforgettable for kids of a young age.

Entertainment For Ages 8–12:

At this age, children really start engaging in activities. This makes it easier for parents and older siblings to also join in the fun.

 Sleepovers and Slumber Parties

The ideal age for sleepovers will really depend on the kids. Some will be willing to do a sleepover a lot younger while others are not yet comfortable sleeping away from home.

Pamper parties

Children love feeling grown up and pamper parties provide just that!

Family magic shows

Kids above the age of 8 will prefer to watch a family show over a kid’s magic show. This is also a perfect activity for mixed ages.

Manual Activities

This is the perfect age range for engaging in manual activities. For example, cooking, arts and crafts or hiring a mad science entertainer.


If you are looking at going to the cinema, look for animated action movies that aren’t too scary or violent. Superhero movies are very popular but aren’t necessarily appropriate for the age group.

Entertainment Centre

Activities such as bowling, laser tag, indoor football or arcade games are ideal at this age. Again this is also a great option for mixed ages or for parents to participate by mixing up the teams.


Over the age of 8, eating at a restaurant is always a special event. It’s the perfect occasion to go discover fun/trendy restaurants in your Area. When making the booking, make sure it’s kid-friendly. The restaurant doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to feel special.

Entertainment For Age 12+:

In the United Kingdom and Ireland, children will enter secondary school around the age of 12. The tastes for entertainment and activities will change accordingly. 

Disco & karaoke

Once kids develop an interest in dancing, they never grow out of it. As is the case with sleepovers, kids will start to enjoy dancing at different ages. It’s also worth including a few games throughout the party to engage everyone.


Sports are great options at this age. For a special event, don’t be afraid to consider something different! For example, you could go rock climbing, kayaking or zip lining for the day.


Over the age of 12, you can start considering blockbusters. The movie rating will give you a good idea of which movies are appropriate.

A few more thoughts

This isn’t an exhaustive list of activities but rather a good starting place. Once again, as mentioned in the introduction, these age groups are a rule of thumb and each child will be different so get them involved in the decision-making process. Choose your activities accordingly.

If you have a mixed age group, consider family entertainers or family activities. While these options are less targeted, they will appeal to everyone from the younger kids to the adults.

At PartyWizz we pride ourselves in working only with the best entertainers in each category. You can book your entertainer online today in just a few seconds.