What is a kid’s party entertainment package?

What is a kid’s party entertainment package?

If you aren’t familiar with kid’s birthday party packages, we’ve got you covered.

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In this article you’ll learn everything there is to know about booking a kid’s party package and what they’re about. We’ve also listed a few examples for you to see.

Let’s get started.

What is a kid’s party package?

Kid’s party packages are a series of fun activities that are planned (and performed) by entertainers. Most often these packages are themed. For example, you might book a magic party package or a pamper party package.


These activities can be hosted in a party venue but most often they are hosted at home. The entertainer brings and sets up all the required equipment.


The duration of these parties varies. It depends on the kid’s age and the activity type. They last anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours+. As an average, expect to have 90 minutes of fun taken care of. Afterwards, the young party crew will be out of batteries.

Ideal Age

The suitable age range varies depending on the package you book. You’ll want to check with the entertainer directly. As a rule of thumb, there are two age groups; 4 to 7 and 7 to 12.  

You can, of course, get packages for older children but it will depend on the type of activity.

Price range

The price will vary depending on where you live. For example, in Dublin, expect to pay anywhere from €150 to €300+ depending on what is included in the package.  

At PartyWizz, we operate with price transparency; you can find all the prices directly on the entertainer’s profiles.

Do parents need to do anything?

With the activities taken care of, the only thing you need to worry about is the food. A typical schedule could be:

  • The kids play as the guests arrive – 30min+
  • The entertainment/party package starts – 1h+
  • The kids have some food – 30min+
  • Cake and present opening – 20min+
  • The kid’s play as the parents arrive to pick them up (and perhaps stay around for a piece of cake & some coffee – 30m+
kids dancing at a party

What to expect from a party package?

The beauty of party packages is that they are all different. Different performers offer different activities. You’ll be able to find exactly what you want.

Below we’ve listed the most common activities. Generally, party packages usually combine 3 or 4 of these activities.


The performer will perform some magic for the kids to enjoy. For the younger group (4 to 7), it’s usually a combination of silly jokes, clowning and magic. The parents may not be fooled, but the kids will love it. For older kid’s (7+), expect a more traditional magic show that will also fool the adults! 

Balloon modelling

The entertainer will make a series of fun balloon models (think hats, swords, flowers, animals …) for all the kid’s to keep and play with. It’s a party staple for a reason; it’s a happiness guaranteed activity.


Some performers have a storytelling section in their party package. These aren’t static stories. Rather, they’re mini role-playing & acting games which are often combined with other activities such as magic.  

Face painting

Face painting is another party classic that kids love. They get to choose their design and wear it for the rest of the day. Those who are shy about getting their face painted can opt for just an arm “tattoo”. There is something for everyone.


The entertainer might play a series of fun party games with the kids. The games can be anything from a sports game to a traditional party game perhaps with a twist. Nothing beats a good game as it gives the chance for all the children to participate.  

Music games

The entertainer will get all the kids to sing and dance along with a series of musical games & moves. Expect to get all the latest kid’s hits and more. The entertainer will bring all the equipment. All you need to provide is a plug socket.


With pampering activities, the kids get to choose certain “treatments” (and look-alike treatments). For example, a manicure, temporary glitter tattoos and more. The treatments will depend entirely on the age group of the kids.

Arts & Crafts

The entertainer will orchestrate a DIY activity for the children to do. This can be anything from making slime to pottery. It’s a chance for the children to get their hands dirty.

Examples of Kid’s party packages

At PartyWizz, we pride ourselves in working with only the best entertainers in the region. Below we’ve listed a few Dublin based entertainers who provide kids party packages.

emma slowe party package

1. Emma Slowe Entertainment

Emma offers a variety of fun packages which include balloon modelling, face painting, party games, karaoke and disco. Her different parties are designed to cater to different age groups.

You can learn more about Emma Slowe on her partywizz profile.

  • Age range: 4 to 18+
  • Duration: 2h+
genie mackers party package

2. Genie Mackers

Genie Mackers offer a wide range of themed party packages such as princess, genie or pirate parties. During their shows, you can expect to some face & arm painting, magic tricks, story telling, games and balloon modelling.

You can learn more about them, on their partywizz profile.

  • Age range: 4 to 11
  • Duration: 1h30
Little laughs party package

3. Little Laughs

Little laughs offer a broad variety of party packages that are themed around different activities such as pamper parties, slime parties, and art and crafts.

You can learn more about Eimear, of Little Laughs, on her partywizz profile.

  • Age range: 4 to 11
  • Duration: 1h30+
Silly Sally the Clown

4. Silly Sally

Silly sally entertains kids with a combination of magic, walkabout clown, balloon modelling, games, face painting, glitter hairspray and makeup. There is something for every child at a Silly Sally Party.

You can learn more about Silly Sally, on her partywizz profile.

  • Age range: 3 to 8
  • Duration: 1h30
Glam fairies party package

5. Glam fairies parties

Glam Fairies provide a party package themed around pamper parties. These packages include games and activities as well as food depending on your needs. 

You can learn more about Glam Fairies, on their partywizz profile.

  • Age range: 4 to 14
  • Duration: 1h30
waffles the wonderful

6. Waffles the Wonderful

Waffles the wonderful is a one-of-kind kid’s magician. Her party packages include a magic show, musical dance games, and balloons for all.

You can learn more about Waffles, on her partywizz profile.

  • Age range: 4 to 8
  • Duration: 1h15min

7. Magic Marta

Magic Marta’s party packages include magic, comedy, face painting, balloon modelling, audience participation and much much more. You’ll be amazed by all the laughter and huge smiles you see.

You can learn more about Magic Marta, on her partywizz profile.

  • Age range: 3 to 12
  • Duration: 1h+

That’s a wrap

We hope you have a great party and you have lots of fun.

If you’re based in Ireland, and you want to book a kid’s party package, check out our website.

We pride ourselves in only partnering with the best kid’s entertainers in the area.

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