Plan the Perfect Pamper Party for Kids

Plan the Perfect Pamper Party for Kids

Learn how to plan the best pamper party for your child’s upcoming birthday or special occasion.

While pamper parties are fun for all age groups, in this article, we’re only going to look at planning a pamper party for kids (sorry parents).

What is a kid’s pamper party?

A pamper party for kid’s combines the traditional elements of a birthday party (cake, party bags, …) along with certain treatments (and look alike treatments) of an adult pamper party. For example, a manicure, temporary glitter tattoos and more.

Let’s dive right into everything you need to know for hosting a kid’s pamper party at home.

Planning A Pamper Party For Kids

When planning a pamper party, all the usual planning advice applies. You can find all the tips listed in our kids’ party checklist and in our stress-free party planning system.

Pamper Party Planning

Planning is a big word (but “schedule” sounds worse). However, here is a basic structure you might want to follow. It’s a party so you’ll probably keep it loose.

  • Kick-off – You’ll want start the party with some “buffer” time for all the guest arrive. The guests will most likely be happy to catch up so you don’t need to plan anything too formal – Approx. 30min
  • Pampering – Kick off the Pampering treatments – Approx. 1h
  • Games – Play some pamper party games. This is the ideal opportunity to get everyone to blow off a bit of steam before the meal – Approx. 30h
  • Food – Food team. Sit everyone down for some Food & Cake – Approx. 20min
  • Presents – Unwrap the presents – Approx. 20min
  • Free time – Let the kids play some free form games while the parents slowly arrive to collect them – Approx. 1 hour

Of course, this is just a basic layout. You’ll want to adjust it depending on your start time, whether you’re planning a full meal or just a cake and the age of the guests.

You’re also going to want to get help on the day. Getting an extra adult to help out never goes a miss.

Pro-tip: If you’re hosting younger guests (below 6), you don’t want to make the party too long. Keep it short and sweet.

Age Group

When planning a pamper party for kids, the first thing you want to consider is the age group. Different age groups will naturally have different expectations.

In this article, we’re going to separate them into two groups: the pre-teens (4 to 12) and the teenagers (12+ ); In the next section, we’ve added a tag to make it easy.

However, it’s important to remember that every child is different. We’re just using these sections as a rule thumb. You’ll want to adjust your party according to your child’s unique needs and preferences.

Setting Up a Pamper Space

If space permits, you’ll want to have a separate space dedicated to pampering.

Among other things, it allows you to prepare the table for the food ahead of time and not during the event. As a parent, the less you have to do on the day, the happier and more relaxed you’ll be.

The pamper space should also be easy to clean. This is especially important for younger kids; No one wants nail polish stains on the sofa. For example, if the weather permits, you can have the pamper space inside and the food in the garden afterwards.

If you don’t have two spaces, you can make it work with one. It’s just a bit more tricky. Alternatively, you can consider hosting the party in a kid’s pamper party venue.

Pamper Party Ideas

Now that you have the structure organised, it’s time to plan the actual party!

Party theme


Party themes are a must for younger groups. Among other things, it will help dictate what the decorations are.

Ideally, you want to choose a theme that ties in naturally with Pampering. But any theme will work. If in doubt we recommend sticking to a princess theme. It will be easier to find themed decorations & it’s sure to be a hit with the guests.

Princess party tableware for kids

Party Decorations


When you’re young, there’s something really special about party decorations. It makes the day more magical.

At PartyWizz, we usually recommend to keep it simple. Everything you put up will need to be taken down! The key is that you want a nicely decorated table, a few wall decorations (banners and so on) and a few balloons.

You can buy these decorations in most supermarkets. Alternatively, if you’re hand’s on you can make some at home with the kids.

Pamper Party Treatments

pre-teens & teens

Of course, the whole point of a pamper party is the pampering.

The treatments you plan will depend entirely on the age group. Once again, every child is different. This is just a rough breakdown by age group. You’ll want to adjust the treatments accordingly. 

Here are a few common treatments you can do:

Younger Groups

  • Curled or crimped hair
  • Nail painting & nail art
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Jewel face art
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Jewel face art

Teenage Groups

  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Facial
  • Curled or crimped hair
  • Nail painting & nail art
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Temporary hair colouring
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Jewel face art

You can do these at home, or you can hire an entertainer for the occasion. The benefit is that they will have all the equipment and the products needed.

Pamper party manicure for a kid

Pamper Party Activities

pre-teens & teens

You’ll want to plan a few activities. Remember, as you’re already planning the pampering, the schedule will already be fairly full.

Pamper Party Entertainer

If you book a pamper party entertainer, they’ll usually have activities that they will do with the kids. That’s probably all you need.

Party Games

It’s a party, so you’ll probably want to play some party games. For some inspiration, you can check out some of our favourite classic kid’s party games.

You can theme most games to match your party theme. If you’re doing a princess-themed party, you can find a few ideas in our article on planning a princess party.

Fancy Dress

For younger groups, wearing costumes will definitely add to the fun. A princess costume is an obvious choice.

Slumber Party

Hosting a slumber party along with the pamper party is a classic combo. You can view some great tips in our separate article about planning a sleepover party.

Pamper Party Food

pre-teens & teens

The key is to plan food that’s easy to prepare and easy to eat. For some ideas, you can check out our article on planning kids party foods. Then, theme your food to match your princess party.

You’ll also want to plan a few pamper party foods. Pinterest is always full of great ideas, but to get you started we’ve listed a few of our favourites.

Chocolate fountain

Chocolate with some fresh fruit makes for unforgettable party food. If you hire an entertainer, this is something that some of them provide directly which means there is no planning hassle for you.


An easy party favourite. Especially if you’re hosting a slumber party and you’re wrapping up the evening with a movie.

Ice Cream

When you’re a kid, nothing is better than ice cream. Especially during those (rare) sunny days in Ireland.

Pamper Party Invitations

You most likely won’t find ready-made pamper party invitations in the store but you’ll easily find suitable ones.  

If you have the time, you can also make invitations at home. We recommend using Canva for this. The software is free and it comes with invitation templates. You just have to fill them in, download the pictures and print them out.

Pro-tip: at PartyWizz, we always recommend sending the invitations 4 weeks in advance. We feel it’s the sweet spot between availability and not forgetting the date.

Pamper Party Goody Bags


Party bags have become a party staple. You can check out our separate article for ideas of what to put inside a kid’s party bag. Alternatively, you can also get ready-made Pamper Party Bags directly on the PartyWizz shop. We’ll ship them directly to you.

That’s A Wrap

We hope you have a great party and you have lots of fun. If you’ve enjoyed this content, consider subscribing. Don’t worry we won’t be flooding your inbox.