How to plan a kid’s party stress-free

How to plan a kid’s party stress-free

Whether it’s a birthday, a first communion or a family event, at PartyWizz we believe that planning a party doesn’t have to be stressful.

In this article, we’ve listed the key steps and deadlines to meet in order to minimise the stress of party planning. To make things easy to remember, we’ve listed and organised all of these steps into an easy to remember acronym. So if you are ready, LET’S DANCE.

Planning a kid’s party stress-free

L.E.T.’S  D.A.N.C.E is the acronym we use for planning parties. It will help you prioritise and make sure you don’t forget anything along the way.

  • L – Location
  • E – Entertainment
  • T – Theme
  • S – Select/invite
  • D – Decorations
  • A – Accessories
  • N – Numbers
  • C – Cake/food
  • E – Enjoy!

Each of these 9 steps is detailed in the sections below.

L – Location confirm

Your first priority should be the location of your event. Are you going to host the party at home or in a venue? If you are planning on booking a venue, make your reservation as early as possible! As a rule of thumb, book your venue at least 2 to 3 months in advance and longer in busy periods such as the communion season and Christmas.  The availability of the location may impact the date, assuming it is flexible.

E – Entertainment book

Your second priority is entertainment. If you are planning on hiring an entertainer, make your reservation at least 2 months in advance. Their calendars fill up fast, especially during the communion season.

Take the time to also plan what activities your guests will be doing during the event. For example: 15 minutes for the cake, 30 minutes for games…. You don’t need all the details yet, but a general idea at this stage will start to give you confidence and a good framework to build on.

T – Theme set

What’s your party theme going to be? Your location and your entertainment may give you a frame of reference for this question, for example, if you are hiring a magician you could have a magic themed party. For some inspiration, you can read our article on kid’s party themes. You can also get your children involved; they will most likely have great ideas to suggest.

S – Select/invite guests

Unfortunately, even at a young age, the invitation process is full of social etiquette. Knowing whom to invite is always tricky.  You may decide that for a regular party around 10-15 guests is plenty.  However in some schools the unwritten rule is that all kids in the birthday child’s class should be invited.

Send out your invitation 3 weeks in advance. This gives you enough time to chase and collect the replies. More than that and you risk the invitations getting lost.

D – Decorations choose

You can go all out with decorations or stick to just table decorations and a few balloons. It’s up to you and the atmosphere you want to create.

If you are ordering decorations online, try and place your order at least 1 month before the event. This gives you plenty of time for shipping and any delays. A good lead time applies to homemade decorations too. Plan a couple of weeks in advance, especially if you want to get your kids hands-on in the project.

A – Accessories source

What props, games or prizes will you need for the party? List all the activities you want to do and double-check that you have everything you need.

You also need to consider what you want to put inside your party bags, if you have them. Again, if you make an online purchase, try and get it done at least 1 month before the event.

N – Numbers confirm

It’s time to confirm attendance. Don’t be afraid to contact parents by text a week before the event or set up a Whatsapp group. If it slipped their mind because they were busy, they will be grateful for the reminder.

Once you have your final attendance number, you can finalise what activities or games you want to do.

C – Cake & food prepare

Once you have your final attendance number you can get all your final shopping done. Ideally, buy the remaining party supplies 1 week in advance and the food 2 days before the party.

E – Enjoy the party!

It’s the big day, relax and enjoy the ride. Try and make most of the final adjustments the day before the party. Remember, the less you have to do on the day of the event, the more fun you and your guests will have.

A party in a click

At PartyWizz, our mission is all about helping people create fabulous parties with the minimum amount of time and stress.

With this in mind, we’ve simplified the entire party planning process. With the exception of the venue and the food, you can book entertainers and most accessories in our one-stop-shop. Get 2 months of party planning done in under 10 minutes!