Host the perfect sleepover party – tips and ideas

Host the perfect sleepover party – tips and ideas

So your child is perhaps too old for a traditional party entertainer but you’re looking for something fun you can host at home…  A ‘sleepover’ or ‘slumber’ party is a great way to entertain slightly older children from around 8 to 13.

Whilst boys often enjoy a slumber party too, this has become an increasingly popular activity for girls.

Host the perfect Sleepover party

1. Sleeping arrangement.

The first consideration is, of course, where your guests will sleep.  For those with a limited number of beds, this often comes down to improvisation with a mix of sleeping ‘top and tail’ and mattresses on the floor.

If this sounds like too much of a feat of engineering, there are several companies that hire out attractive Teepees, and will come and set them up for you at your home.

The first to provide these in Ireland was Eimear McCann of Little Laughs.

Teepee Slide Little Laughs Sleep over party

We asked Eimear about the appeal of her Teepees. Here is what she said:

“We wanted to make it really easy for people to host slumber parties at home and at the same time we wanted to make it a wonderful experience for the kids.  So we handmade a number of beautifully designed Teepees with mattresses, and we come and set them up for you before the party.  We provide everything you need including lanterns and fairy lights to really create that magical experience.  They’ve been incredibly popular. This is the next level sleepover party!”

2. Entertainment at a slumber party

In this connected age, one thing we recommend is making sure the children turn off their mobile phones and tablets.  This will ensure that the party is actually interactive and that the guests stay in the moment.

Some ideas for entertainment are as follows:

Photo props

You can assemble a number of props and accessories for the guests to dress up in before taking photos of them to email out later.  Accessories could include feather boas, tiaras, hats, and hair accessories.

Spin the nail polish

A great idea courtesy of Eimear of Little Laughs… Everyone sits in a circle and each person takes it in turn to spin the nail polish.  The person spinning then gets to paint a nail of the person it lands on, in the colour of their choice.  The game continues until everyone has a selection of colourfully painted nails.


Why not set up a mini spa at home?  Manicures, face masks, hair-styling, lip gloss, glitter tattoos…  All can make great pampering ideas depending on what you feel is appropriate for the age group.

If you want to make the whole party stress-free, how about hiring a professional pamper party provider to come and run it for you.  You can check out options here on PartyWizz.

Movie night

Put on one of their favourite movies or a new release and leave them to enjoy it for an hour or two.  Don’t forget the popcorn!

3. Food for a slumber party

Pizza is the obvious choice and many opt for a delivery, but a more interactive option is DIY pizzas.  Bases can be made or bought and then each guest can choose from a variety of different toppings to make their own ideal pizza.

And what about a sweet treat? One fun idea that kids love is a chocolate fountain.  Serve bowls of cut-up fruit and marshmallows and allow the indulgence to begin!  You can buy very affordable chocolate fountains online including here:

Don’t forget breakfast the next morning!  Individual sized boxes of cereal can give a nice choice for morning munchies (or even midnight feasts depending on how strict the lights out policy is!)

4. Party Bag & Party Favours

One cute idea is to purchase matching pyjamas for your guests to wear during the course of the party.  Although this is a considerable additional expense, it also works as a lovely gift to take the place of a party bag.  Perhaps a more cost-effective option would be matching furry slippers or those with animal designs.

Otherwise, fill a gift bag with things like lip gloss, hair accessories, eye masks, and glow in the dark bands.  These can also be used during the party and double up as take-home gifts. For other party bag ideas, go to the PartyWizz shop.

4. Sleepover Decorations

Colourful blankets, fairy lights and lanterns can all help create that magical atmosphere.  Bunting that spells ‘sleep well’ or ‘good night’ can look very inviting.