How to Plan the Perfect Princess Party

How to Plan the Perfect Princess Party

If you’ve got a little girl at home, a princess party is sure to be a hit! With just a bit of preparation, you will have an unforgettable day.

Decide on your princess party theme

The first step is to decide whether you want the party to be based on a specific princess/movie or on the princess theme in general.

“Generic” princess party

The benefit of not basing the party around a specific princess is that it frees up your ( and your kid’s ) creativity. You don’t have any pre-imposed guidelines.

Disney Princess Party

On the other hand, choosing a “specific” princess ( for example Cinderella ) will give you decoration, music and activity ideas. Animated movies are an endless source of party inspiration.

Another benefit of Disney movies is that they have a “prince” character in them. This makes it easier to integrate boys ( or those who don’t want to be a princess) in the party.

To get you started, we’ve listed the most popular Disney princess below.  We’ve also added a few key elements you’ll want to consider to match your theme:


  • Colour palette
  • Key elements: fluffy blue dress, the matching slipper and the pumpkin carriage

Snow White

Aurora, Sleeping beauty

  • Colour palette
  • Wildlife and Spinning wheel ( harder to find now a days)

Ariel, the little mermaid

Bell, the beauty and the beast

Jasmine, Aladdin



Tiana, The frog princess

  • Colour palette
  • Fluffy green dress and a frog for the prince/princess

Repunzel, Tangled

Merdia, Brave   

Elsa, Frozen

Princess party decorations

You’ve set your theme, now it’s time to repaint your house pink (optional) and plan the party decorations.

Princess dress

You most likely have some form of princess costume at home already. If you don’t, you can always find one in your local costume shop.

Otherwise, you can create your own princess costume. All you need is a tutu ( you can find some fairly cheap online) and some homemade props.

DIY Party Crafts

If you want to get your (and your kids) hands dirty, DIY party crafts are a lot of fun. For the princess party theme, there are numerous decorations and props that can easily be made.

A Small Crown or Tiara

Pint out the crown model you want, trace out the shape on stiff paper, cut it out and paint it. Glitter can be a nice touch. Just make sure it is glued on well or else it will spread everywhere.

If you want to go the extra mile, make a crown for each guest. It will make for some memorable pictures.

A Magic Wand

Magic wands can be as simple or as elaborate as you want them to be. We recommend using a paper or a cardboard tube for the handle and attaching the star with glue rather than staplers. This makes the prop safer for younger crowds. You can find nice step-by-step instructions in this article by momtastic.

If you want to go all out, you can follow this tutorial video:

A cardboard castle

With some cardboard or paper,  you can draw out a castle, paint it and hang it on the wall. You can find some castle templates online and print them out.

If you have a regular printer but you want to make a castle that is bigger than an A4, you can follow these instructions by Adobe on printing posters and banners.


Decorating the table is a key aspect of any party decorations. Don’t stress about it, with just a bit of effort it can be made extremely festive.

Start by verifying the logistics of your seating at least a week before the party. Do you have enough space on the table? Do you have enough chairs? Are the chairs high enough for the kids? If the math doesn’t work out, you should have enough time for a contingency plan.

Next, find a bright table cloth that matches your party colours. In doubt, go for a light pink as it will match most princess decorations. If you’ve chosen a paper table cloth, it’s nice to tape it so that it doesn’t get in the kid’s way when they are eating.

Find some festive plates and cups. If you have a younger crowd, consider getting disposable plates and cups. In addition, depending on your food and the age of your guests, cutlery is optional.

Lastly, add some festive decorations to add to the table. If you have a princess themed centrepiece, start there and then work around it. Don’t overdo it as you will need room for the food.

Now all you need are a few balloons and you’re all set!

At PartyWizz, our objective is to make party planning easy. For this reason, we provide an all-in-one shop where you can buy princess theme tableware.

Goody Bags

Goody bags are always appreciated by kids. For a princess party you can fill the bag with, balloons, bubble blowers, candy, stickers…. Look for items that are fun, relatively cheap and easily found with a princess look. If you have left over cake, you can wrap it up at the end of the party and add it to the bags.


Princess invitations can be found in a lot of stores. However, if you have the time, you can easily make invitations at home. We recommend using Canva for this. The software is free and it comes with princess invitation templates. You just have to fill them in, download the pictures and print them out.

Side note, at PartyWizz, we always recommend sending the invitations four weeks in advance. We feel it’s the sweet spot between availability and not forgetting the date.

Princess Party Activities


You can hire a princess entertainer to make the afternoon true magic for the kids. They will thrill the children with princess magic tricks, face painting, games, dancing, balloon modelling and much more… Entertainers will make the afternoon truly unforgettable for the young ones.

To get started, you can view our tips for hiring the best party entertainers. You can also hire a princess entertainer directly through the PartyWizz platform. All of our entertainers are hand selected for being the best at what they do. 


Almost every classic party game can be adapted to the princess party theme by giving it a presentation twist.

Pin the star on the wand

The classic pin the tail on the donkey can be reimagined with a star and a wand. Simply, print out or draw a wand and a matching duplicate star. On the star add repositionable glue or blu tack.

To play, start by choosing a random order for the participants. Then, each their turn, participants are blindfolded and spun around to be a bit dizzy. They then attempt to pin the star as close to where the actual star should be. The closest to the star wins.

A Princess Scavenger Hunt

If animated movies have taught us anything, princesses love adventures. What better than a scavenger hunt to mimic this adventure. The plot of the scavenger hunt can mimic the plot of a Disney movie or of a well-known princess story.

If you’re worried about the weather won’t be good, you can still play this game indoors. Just make sure the challenges don’t take up too much space. For example, riddles and puzzles.

Build the Tallest Castle

Each team gets the same set of random objects and tries to build the tallest castle out of it. Choose the objects depending on the amount of space you have and don’t include anything fragile.

Alternatively, you can also make the game a relay. Simply give each team a die. Each team member takes it in turn to roll the dice. When they get a 6, they can go places an object on their castle. The first team to have balanced all their objects wins.

Movie & Quiet Time

You can close off the afternoon by watching a Disney or a princess related movie. This is perfect if your princess gang is low on steam after all the fun they’ve had.

Princess Party Food

As there is no specific princess food, it makes it easier to plan. If you’re unsure which food to serve, you can view our tips on planning kids party foods. Then, theme your food to match your princess party. Pinterest is always full of great ideas, but to get you started we’ve listed a few of our favourites.

Princess Shaped Cake

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge, you can make a princess shaped cake at home. An easier option, as all the parts are rectangles, is to make a castle shape cake. You can then add in some details with some icing.

If you don’t have the time, or the cooking utensils for an elaborate cake,  you can decorate some cup cakes. These can be transformed into a princess just by adding a small crown on top. If you make the crown out of paper, or any other non-eatable material, make sure the kids are aware of it.

Ginger Bread House 

A ginger bread house is perfect to represent a princess cabin in the middle of the woods. If possible, don’t make one or buy one that has  a strong ginger flavour. Some kids might have a hard time eating it.

Fruit Wands

Along with the cake, you can give each kid a fruit wand. Simply put, these are fruits on a long stick to give them the shape of a wand. You can add in some candies for some bright colours.

Fairy Dust

A small transparent container, filled with jelly beans and a label, is the perfect representation for fairy dust or any form of Disney magic.