Booking a function room for a kid’s party

Booking a function room for a kid’s party

If hosting a large kid’s party at home sounds overwhelming, consider renting a function room! Understanding the value that these rooms can provide will help you decide if it’s a good option for your event.

In this article, we’ve outlined the main benefits of booking a function room for a kid’s party.

What benefits does a function room provide?

Function rooms go by many names: function hall, community hall,  reception hall or banqueting suite to name but a few… Regardless of the name, they’re rooms or buildings that can be rented for a party or an event.

It’s important to keep in mind that renting a function room will be more expensive than hosting the party at home. Check local prices to get an estimate. However, renting a room provides multiple benefits that a house doesn’t.


One of the main benefits of a function room is that it will provide you with space you might not have at home. They come in all shapes and sizes which allows you to book just the space you need. This makes them ideal for family events or large kid parties.

On-site Catering

The flexibility of being able to book a meal for the event provides peace of mind. Venues belonging to a restaurant, hotel or pub will cater for party meals. If you aren’t sure whether they provide this service or not, ask before booking the room.

On the other hand, if you would rather plan your own meal, find a function room that facilitates this. Some venues allow self-catering while others don’t provide food at all. For example, rooms that belong to churches, community colleges, community centres or the local town hall.


The services and amenities provided will differ from room to room. You can book anything from a full-service venue to a simpler ( and cheaper ) room that has just a few chairs. Full-service rooms will aim to go beyond the comfort and convenience you have at home.

However, some amenities are more essential than others. For example, do they provide enough tables, chairs or cutlery for your party? If the function room doesn’t provide food, check and see if there is a kitchen you can use. A fridge and a microwave always come in handy!

The more services and amenities provided by the venue, the fewer things you will need to bring from home. In any case, make a list of what isn’t provided by the venue to remember them on the day.

Audiovisual Equipment

Another main benefit of function rooms is that they often provide audiovisual equipment for parties. Music, lights, screen and projectors are the most common equipment. All you need to do is create a music playlist or find a DJ.

If you are hosting a kid’s party, you generally don’t need elaborate equipment. If you aren’t planning a disco theme, you might not even need a music and lights system.

When booking the room, double check to see if they ask for a deposit or an extra fee for the equipment. It’s also worth checking if they have a limit on the output volume. This typically isn’t a problem at kid’s parties or family events. However, it’s best to be informed.

Less to Do

With a venue, you have less to do and less to stress about. For example, there is no need to move your furniture around the house. Just enjoy decorating the room.

When it comes to cleaning, check to see if it’s included in the price. If not you can always hire cleaners for the occasion. In any case, a room is easier to clean than an entire house. Once the party is over, you’re done. You can drive home to a clean and quiet house.

Hire Your Own Entertainment

Such venues will generally allow you to bring your own entertainment to the event. This is an ideal opportunity to hire an entertainer. We’ve put together advice for hiring great kid’s entertainers.

Customise the Venue

Function rooms are perfect for setting a great party atmosphere. You can either book a room that is already decorated or a neutral one that is open to your creative interpretations.

The extent to which you can decorate the venue will vary. It’s a good question to ask when making the reservation. They’re usually flexible as long as you take down the decorations afterwards.

If you need to keep it simple, we’re of the opinion that tabletop decorations and a few balloons are enough to set a great party atmosphere.

Avoid the Crowds

Unlike a table in a restaurant, or spending the afternoon in an entertainment centre, when you book a function room you will be on your own. Less stress and less noise for you and your guests.

Finding a Local Function Room

Finding a local function room isn’t as easy as it should be. Make a list of the venues nearby and give them a call to see if they have rooms to rent and what’s included in the rental. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Church hall
  • Community colleges
  • Community centres
  • The local town/village hall

If the venue is attached to a restaurant or a hotel, the easiest is to walk in and ask if it’s possible to view and book a room.

Entertainment centres

Alternatively, you could make a reservation at an entertainment centre. These are professional venues who specialise in kid’s activities. Unlike function rooms, the price of the party will generally be based on the number of attendees and not on the type of room. For large groups, this can add up fast.

However, if you’re hosting a small group, or if you don’t plan on inviting any adults, these venues might be a great option for you! We made an article outlining everything you need to know about hosting a kids party in an entertainment centre.