Tired of boring party invitations? Well, we have you covered

Tired of boring party invitations? Well, we have you covered

In the age of Facebook, snapchat, and Instagram why not just tag your friends in a post? Or, send a quick selfie on Facebook inviting your friends to your birthday party? 

It seems easier, right? But that doesn’t mean you need to do it…

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Actually, we believe the party invitation is the MOST special part of the party planning!

Everyone loves to receive a personalised invitation. 

It makes them feel special and tells the guest that you have thought about them when writing the invite…

And, you want your guests to feel special, right? 

So, let’s talk about ways to make your party invitations stand out from the crowd for your kids’ birthday! 

Invitation just for you

Why Do You Need a Party Invitation? 

Good question! 

Like we said, in the age of social media and constantly being connected online, it seems old-fashioned to send an invitation with the date, time, and place…

I mean, we can just create a note on our phone? Or, set a reminder?

Well, that’s exactly why a party invitation DOES matter! 

When our lives are so busy with new information, checking emails, and running errands for the house, it can easy to forget about the small things, like your neighbour’s birthday party next week…

And, we don’t blame you.

Living in the fast-paced world of the 21st Century is difficult, and that’s why we’re here to help…

We want to make it easier for YOU!

So, trust us when we say that you should prioritise making party invites. 

You’ll thank us later when your child is beaming with happiness when all their friends turn up for the party! 

How To Make a Party Invite Special? 

Now, let’s talk about how to make party invites just that little bit more special, shall we?

1. Miniature Invites

Little ones love to open presents. That’s a fact. So, why not make the party invite a mini present? 

You can wrap it up with nice paper, some glitter, and deliver them to their houses…

Plus, they look so incredibly cute! 

Just have a look here.

2. Cotton Candy Invites

Kids love presents. But, do you know what they love more? Sweets! 

This cotton candy invite combines the best of both worlds: sweets and presents. 

Just make sure the kids don’t eat the cotton (it just looks like candy, but it’s all an illusion!)

You can find out how to make the cotton candy invites here.

3. Customised Chocolate Invite

But we don’t want to deprive the children of a real sweet treat…

So, that’s why this next idea is perfect! 

You can make a party invitation out of CHOCOLATE! Brilliant, isn’t it? 

This is how you make a customised chocolate invite!

4. Balloon Invite

Balloon invites have become the trend in past years, and we can why! 

They are a fun way to send an invite and your guest can keep them to get in the mood before the party! 

You can see what balloon invites are here

5. Draw Your Own Invite

Since it’s your son or daughter’s birthday, why not have them draw their own invite? 

It’s a lovely way to get your child excited about their big day and they can create whatever they want! 

We’re sure they’ll love it.

6. Kite Invitations

Kids love to run around outside. That’s why making kite invitations is just great for a children’s party invitation! 

The guests can run outside with the invite and they’ll remember it forever…

Kite invitations are amazing. 

Look at how to make them here

7. Pop Up Invitations

Do you remember getting a pop-up invitation? We do! 

Pop up invitations are a guaranteed success with little ones. 

And, they are so FUN! 

Interested? Have a look here

8. Message In a Bottle Invite

Did you catch our blog post about pirate-themed parties? This one is ideal for pirate-themed parties! But, it’s also amazing for any party! 

It’s a one size fits all kind of invite…

That’s why we love it!

This how to make message in a bottle invites.

9. Pillow Case Invites

This one is just adorable.

We just had to share it with you!

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? But, one thing that never changes is the memory of them as a little baby…

So, a cosy pillow case invitation is a perfect way to celebrate their birthday before they’re too cool for snuggly invites like this.

10. Rainbow Invitation

For a splash of colour, try making a rainbow invite! 

This will light up all the kids faces and it’s a super simple DIY idea for party invites.

Just have a look at this article.

11. Voice Invites

If you are looking for something with a little more detail, you can also send voice invites! 

Voice invites are becoming very popular for children’s birthdays…

Plus, they are more personal and can be treasured forever. 

Are you looking to send a voice invitation? Check out this page by Party Ideas by a Pro.

12. Photo Invitations

If you want to keep it classic and simple, then you can send photo invites. 

We’re sure you have hundreds of beautiful photos of your little ones, so why not include one in the invite! 

13. Online Invites

The next best thing, is definitely online invites! 

But who says they can’t be as spectacular as traditional ones? With the apps, websites, and tools available online there are SO many ways to make an incredible online invite for your kid’s party!

And, there is no doubt that this will save you time, and make your kid super happy to be able to make their own invite online…

I mean, how cool is that? 

There are lots of templates online, including this one.

Before you go…

Don’t forget to check out our blog post about WHAT to include in the party invite, you can find it in our separate article on the topic.

We said we had you covered, remember? We think of everything here at PartyWizz because we care about YOU and making YOUR life easier! 

It’s our pride and joy to help you make your kids birthday the most special, and memorable day ever! 

Happy planning and stay tuned for more little party planning tips and tricks from PartyWizz! 

That’s a wrap

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