Magic themed party ideas

Magic themed party ideas

You’ve settled on a magic theme for your next children’s birthday party and are wondering how you can make the event really magical?  

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Perhaps you have a budding young magician in your midst, or they are Harry Potter obsessed, or they simply just love magic.   Either way, here’s how you can easily add the magic touch to different aspects of the party, from the entertainment to the food and the decorations.  

With a little bit of careful planning and a few waves of your magic wand, you can create the perfect magic party!


There’s nothing better than a real magician to set the scene for the perfect magic party. 

Magic shows have a universal appeal and are great for all ages.  They tend to have lots of audience participation, with kids invited to help the magician throughout the show.  This creates a lot of fun and laughter for everyone.

Magic shows tend to be between 45 minutes and an hour.  Many magicians will be able to adapt their show to suit the specific audience you have, but make sure the magician you choose has a show appropriate for the general age group.

Some magicians also offer a magic workshop where they teach simple tricks to the kids based on the age group.  This is a really interactive activity and means that they can go home and show their family and friends the tricks they have learnt.

Make sure you watch the show along with the kids.  It’s great to see the smiles on their faces and it provides some great photo opportunities too.

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Many traditional party games can be given the magic touch such as ‘pin the bob on the rabbit’.   

For other games simply play songs with a magic theme as the background music.  (e.g. Could it be magic by Take That, Magic by Kylie Minogue and A Kind of Magic by Queen)

Pass the parcel can finish by having a magic trick as the prize in the final layer. 

How about getting the kids to put on their own magic show? You can find simple magic tricks taught on YouTube.  Learn a few yourself so you can teach them to your little guests on the day.  

For really magical memories, they can then put on a short show which you can invite the parents to watch at the end of the party.  


The first opportunity you have to inject a bit of magic is in the invitation.  The easiest way is to create a digital invite containing all the details. Canva is a great resource for designing simple themed invitations with stock images.  

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to add an RSVP by date to help you manage the process easily. 

If you book a magician through PartyWizz you will automatically receive a free magic themed invitation which you can easily share with the invited kids’ parents on WhatsApp or by email.  You can edit the invite and even keep track of the RSVPs through your PartyWizz account.

Party bags

Party bags have become the norm at kid’s parties and they are a lovely way to send the kids home smiling with a memento of the day.

Most party bags tend to be fairly generic but you can easily give them a magical spin.  Magic wands, simple magic tricks or magic books make great contents.  

And for the ‘bag’ itself you can make top hats or buy them from novelty shops and use these to contain the fillers.  This will help the kids look the part too when they practice their new tricks at home!

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Cutting the cake is a magical moment, and all the more so if the cake itself is themed.  If you are feeling really creative, you can go the whole hog and create a rabbit in a hat cake like this one.

Or if it feels like you’d need more than magic to pull that off, you can simply purchase a magic themed cake topper like this one 

Then you can work your magic on the rest of the food too.  How about finger chocolate biscuits made to resemble magic wands by dipping the ends in white chocolate. Or buy bunny shaped chocolates.  (These are fairly easy to find, especially at Easter). 

Covering fruit or sweet things in edible sparkles is also really magical.  If you’re based in Ireland, you can buy edible glitter on stuff4cakes.

For some more party food ideas, you can check out our article on the topic.


A few simple decorations can really help create that magical atmosphere.

You can put up print-offs of old posters of Houdini around the main room you are using.    Decorate the table with gold stars or an old pack of playing cards scattered over it.

If you live in Ireland you can purchase magic themed decorations and tableware in our shop.

Abracadabra, the scene is set!

We hope these ideas will help you put on a wonderful magic party.  Don’t forget to check out PartyWizz for the best entertainers and party accessories.  We help you book the best entertainment in seconds – from magicians to face painters and bouncy castles to princess parties.  We’re all about creating fabulous parties Hassle-free.

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