How to source suppliers for a micro wedding

How to source suppliers for a micro wedding

Suppliers can make or break any wedding, so it’s important to get your choices just right. When it comes to micro weddings, you’ll want to ensure that they align with your personality and can enhance the unique touches you choose to include.

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But in such a competitive industry, it can be difficult to know exactly where to start when it comes to finding your perfect fit. In this post, we explore some top tips to help guide your search for the suppliers who will help you to create the micro wedding day of your dreams.

What is a micro wedding? 

Micro weddings have become an increasingly popular choice for soonlyweds across the globe over the last few years. With government regulations limiting the number of people allowed at public gatherings during the pandemic, brides and grooms had to get a little creative if they wanted to tie the knot during this unprecedented time. This gave rise to the micro wedding – a celebration with no more than 20-30 people in attendance. 

Even though restrictions have now been lifted, many couples continue to see the benefits of hosting a micro wedding with just a handful of their nearest and dearest present. Not only is it a great way to save money on expensive wedding supplies, but this type of celebration can make for a more intimate event that’s easier to apply those special personal touches to. 

While a micro wedding will be carried out on a smaller scale, you will still likely need to enlist the help of suppliers. From food, to flowers, to entertainment, getting the right people on board can elevate any celebration – but how can you go about finding these suppliers? Here are our top five tips to help you find the perfect people.

Set a budget 

The first thing you need to do when thinking about your vendors is to set a budget. Micro weddings are typically characterised by smaller budgets, with fewer mouths to feed and lower venue costs. To keep your spending aligned with this concept, make sure to have discussions with your partner to set a maximum budget you can both agree on. 

As part of these conversations, it can be helpful to prioritise the aspects of the day that are most important to you both and would therefore be happy to assign a larger portion of the budget to. For example, while foodies may want to focus on the menu and wine pairings, other couples may prefer to splash out on a videographer or perhaps the sartorial elements of the day. 

Once you’ve decided on the amount you’re willing to spend on suppliers, shop around to find the most competitive prices, and feel free to respectfully negotiate what’s included in the packages they offer.

Be prepared for a little trial and error 

Wedding planning would be ten times easier if everyone fell in love with the very first dress they tried on, or were completely blown away by the menu at the first tasting. Unfortunately, it isn’t always as straightforward as this, and you may need to be prepared for a little trial and error. 

If you’re planning on having a musician play at the reception, ask for samples of their work, or look up their portfolio online. Similarly, caterers will be happy to offer tasting sessions and work closely with you to design the perfect menu. However big or small the celebration, your wedding day will be one of the most important landmarks in your life, so you’ll want to dedicate as much time as is required to get everything just right. 

Keep sustainability in mind 

Micro weddings present a wonderful opportunity to throw an eco-friendly celebration. Having fewer people involved means you’re able to cut back on everything from food waste to transport emissions, helping to boost the eco credentials of your big day. But if you’re really going to lean on the theme of sustainability, it’s important to find suppliers who align themselves with similar principles. 

A great way to achieve this without too much research into company policies is to start your search locally. Local suppliers will generally be the more sustainable choice, since they’ll have less distance to cover and are also more likely to use goods and services from the area. What’s more, suppliers based close to your venue are likely to have done weddings there before, and this experience will be valuable in helping the day to run smoothly. 

In today’s society, it’s easier than ever to find sustainable suppliers, with more companies pledging a commitment to supporting the environment. From the outfits to the catering, there will be eco-friendly options to cover every aspect of the day, so do a little research and you’ll be sure to find the right supplier that can help you throw an eco-conscious wedding day to remember. 

Look for specialist suppliers 

Since the pandemic brought about a boom in the micro wedding market, more suppliers are latching onto the trend and are specialising in delivering services for this specific style of celebration. With a little research, you’re likely to find local venues and suppliers who focus their attention on smaller gatherings. Knowing that your vendors have experience in delivering weddings in this way can be reassuring, since they will have a good grasp on how these events typically run. 

Across the country, plenty of venues even offer small wedding packages, where food and drinks are included as part of the venue hire cost. These packages can be a great way to save money and reduce the burden of wedding planning, but they do restrict you in terms of including some unique touches to show off your personality and preferences, so take this into account when considering your options.

Use recommendations and reviews

While companies will often show off their best work on social media, the best way to get a true understanding of their quality of service is to find reviews from other couples. If you’re using a local service, perhaps some friends or family members have used them before, and can give you an insight into their experience. Or, use online forums and review websites to build up a clearer picture of whether or not you see a supplier being the right partner for your big day. Don’t forget to return the favour afterwards, and offer your thoughts on the service they provided after your wedding. 

In summary 

We hope these tips will help you to source the right suppliers for your dream micro wedding. Remember to keep your budget in mind throughout to help guide your search, and take as much time as you need to find vendors you’re completely comfortable with. If something doesn’t feel quite right, follow your instincts and start again. With the right vendors in place, you can be sure you’ll have the wedding you’ve always wanted.

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