Planning a unicorn themed party for kids

Planning a unicorn themed party for kids

Unicorns are magical. They sparkle glitter, shine bright colours, and make the world seem a little more fantastical…

It’s no surprise why the world has become obsessed with them. They are beautiful!

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We’ve all seen the endless rows of unicorn stationary in the shops, printed unicorn tops on our little ones, and a room full of fluffy unicorn toys at home…

The obsession is real and it’s growing fast!

So, why not go ALL out on the unicorn obsession and, throw a unicorn party! 

The more glitter, the better!

Here’s a few tips on how to transform your children’s birthday party into a fantasy filled unicorn delight…

Glitter Bombs, Colourful Horns, and Unicorn Outfits!

1. Glitter Bomb Invite

You need to set the mood right at the beginning of a big event, right? Well, that’s why you need to start creating unicorn magic right from the very beginning!

Gather all your stationary, glue guns, glitter, and get your child to help you design a spectacular invite to their unicorn party! 

Plus, your guest will love opening up the envelope and finding a glitter bomb surprise hidden inside…

It’s fun, and it adds a lovely little touch.

If you need some inspiration, check out this corner of the internet for all things unicorn related.

2. Turn Your Guests into Unicorns

Yes, turn your guests into unicorns. I mean, you can’t have a unicorn party without unicorns, right?

Everyone loves to dress up and, especially when it involves turning into a colourful, magical creature! 

You can create some unicorn tails and horns before the party, so when the guest arrives, they already get in the unicorn spirit!

To create some magical unicorn features, check out this guide by

Why not throw in some unicorn wands, too! 

You can find out how to make them on

3. Create A Unicorn Illusion

Just like any birthday party, you need some decorations.

From table runners, to balloons. Luckily, there are hundreds of unicorn-themed decorations online.

So, it’s just about picking which ones you prefer and ordering lots, and lots of them to fill your home with unicorn magic…

Add Some Sparkle and Shine to Your Food and Drink!

4. Unicorn Cake and Ice Cream

Every birthday party needs a cake. So, a unicorn birthday party needs a unicorn cake!

The cake is always the most exciting part of a party, and the children will LOVE a unicorn shaped cake! You can find some photos on how to make a yummy cake into a unicorn in this article by

But cake is always better with some ice cream, right? You can conjure up an indulgent unicorn cake and ice cream combination to get the ultimate magical surprise at the party…

Just follow the recipe from

Now you have all the ingredients, have fun creating this sweet spell for the party!

5. Unique Unicorn Names

The best part of fantasy is being able to create new characters, and get lost in another world, so why not let your guests pick unique unicorn names for the party? 

You can print out seating labels, and they can write down a mystical name for the day! 

It also gives the kids a fun activity to do at the party.

You can find label templates in this article by

The Ultimate Unicorn Potion!

6. Charming Hot Chocolate 

Try this unicorn hot chocolate as a warming desert.

Hot chocolate has never looked so colourful! 

7. Magical Goblets 

Did you know you can buy special unicorn goblets, too? 

Well, you can! Every magical creature deserves a magical drinking cup. They can even take them home with them after! 

You can the unicorn goblets on Amazon.

Bring on the Unicorn Fun!

Now, we’ve covered decorations, food and drink the only thing left is…unicorn activities! 

We’ve already talked about unicorn piñatas in our article about DIY party ideas for kid’s.

But we also have a few other ideas…

8. Pin the Tail on the Unicorn

A twist on the classic, “Pin the tail on the donkey” we’ve used a unicorn! 

Kids love it, and it’s simple to make. Just have a look a these ideas from

9. Invite a REAL Unicorn

This one is our favourite. Did you know you can actually invite a REAL unicorn to your party? 

Well, you can! Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas: How to Host a Magical Party (

Who knows, maybe magic really does exist? Your children will certainly believe in magic after seeing a REAL unicorn!

10. Unicorn Instagram Wall

We also talked about creating an Instagram wall on our blog

The best part about Instagram walls is you can get as creative as you like…

So, put all your best unicorn supplies together and get the kids smiling like a unicorn! 

Take A Piece of Unicorn Magic Home!

11. Unicorn Party Bags

Evey kid loves a present and, we don’t think a party is complete without the perfect party bag!

It gives the guests a little reminder of the day and spreads even more unicorn magic…

Plus, you can put anything in the bag! As long as it is unicorn inspired. 

That can be unicorn necklaces, colouring books, hairbands, hair clips, photos…

The list is endless and the joy is unlimited! Check out these ideas from

A unicorn party should be about escaping reality and getting completely lost in the glittery, magical world of fantasy…

We hope you, and your child, can get lost in the wonderful world of unicorns for their special day with these magnificent props, precious décor, and delicious potions! 

That’s a wrap

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