DIY decoration ideas for a kid’s party

DIY decoration ideas for a kid’s party

DIY decoration ideas to make your kids’ birthday sparkle and shine!

Decorating your home for a special occasion is a wonderful opportunity to let your creative brain go wild!

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We all remember those birthday parties, weddings, and other events when you walk in the room and feel a huge smile across your face…

You feel the love, care, and hard work that’s gone into the decoration and it makes you feel happy. Someone put thought into every little part of the decoration, just to make the occasion special.

It’s a beautiful way to show you care and appreciate that person, or people you’re celebrating.

A unique gift from you, to them…

That’s why, we want to give you some DIY decoration ideas that will make your kids’ birthday sparkle and shine!

1. Instagram Wall

First, let’s talk about photos.

In the age of social media, and Instagram posts, it’s safe to say there will be more than one or two mobile phones at the party. All of them taking snapshots of the children playing, having fun, and capturing moments to look back on for years to come…

So, why not create something spectacular for the photoshoot?

An Instagram Wall has become a HUGE trend in the last few years.

It’s a chance to showcase your personality, and give your guests the perfect backdrop for their next Instagram post to share with all their friends, and family.

It’s a unique way to create a memorable photo album full of smiling little faces!

If you’d like to make a fun Instagram wall, check out this tutorial on

2. Rainbow Bunting

Now you have the Instagram wall covered, how about a splash of colour?

The best way to conjure up some magic with the decoration is to infuse your home with colour…lots and lots of colour!

The easiest way to do this, is to make a rainbow bunting that will lighten up your home and create a vibrant, rainbow backdrop for even more photos!

A how-to guide to making rainbow bunting via

3. Balloon Arch

Why stop at rainbow bunting? If you want to go even more spectacular, then create an amazing balloon arch!

Balloons have always been a staple birthday decoration in households, but a balloon arch is a special way of going all out for your kid’s birthday!

Plus, it’s a great activity to do as a family…
You can find out more about making a balloon arch on

4. Hanging Jar Tea Lights

Once you have the interior of your home sorted, that leaves the outside area to do up.

Whether that be a garden or patio…

It’s important to make sure everything is decorated for the big day, so adding some hanging jar tea lights is a precious addition to the birthday decoration.

They light up the outside area when the sun sets and create a cosy ambience for the evening birthday activities!

They also look beautiful.
It’s simple to create this warming decoration, just have a look at

Little Table Decorations!

We all know a birthday party isn’t complete without an epic birthday feast, right? But who says we can’t make the dinner table part of the decoration display!

5. Cardboard Tube Birthday Banners

This one is super simple and a perfect DIY solution for your birthday decorations.

All you need is some old cardboard tubes. For example, from kitchen roll or toilet paper…

Who thought an old toilet roll could be so useful, right? Plus, the kids can get involved with the decorating!

The solution to making cardboard tube birthday banners on

6. Toilet Roll Themed Characters

Now, the toilet roll use doesn’t stop with birthday banners…
You can also use them to create themed characters for the table!

This one is magnificent for themed parties. For instance, why not create some mini Yodas for a Stars Wars party? Or, some lions for a Safari themed party? The list is endless…

And, it’s FUN!

Find a recipe for your own toilet roll themed characters on

7. DIY Party Hats

Next up is a classic, party hats!

No birthday dinner is complete without a decorative birthday hat, so why not get the whole family together and make them?

Everyone loves to have their own, special birthday hat.

Check out to learn how to make party hats.


8. Unicorn Piñata

After the birthday meal, you’ll need some evening activities to keep the kids

energised and the birthday momentum high!
So, how about a piñata…but, not just any piñata, a UNICORN piñata!

This offers a different twist on the classic piñata, and it is a magical DIY activity to do leading up to the big day!

Interested in sprinkling some unicorn magic into the birthday party? Check out

9. Doughnut Piñata

If you’re looking for something a little more edible…then, make a doughnut


I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love an enormous doughnut piñata, do you? This is guaranteed to be a massive hit at the birthday party!

To create this masterpiece, just check out this guide by

It’s the Little Things… 10. Specialised Party Envelopes and Invitations

Nowadays, most of what we do is online and we send email invitations in place of traditional letter invitations…

But, why can’t we make letter invitations special again? It’s a rarity to receive an invitation in the post now, so it’s the ideal time to make something personal for your guests!

In these times, it’s more important than ever to show how much you care about someone, and we think a special party invitation is just the way to do it.

All it takes is some art supplies and paper for the invitation and envelope, then pop them in the post box and that’s it!

It really is the little things that matter.
If you get stuck at the envelope stage, no worries, we got you! Check out this article by

We hope these extra special decorations will make your kid’s birthday party sparkle and shine with colour, tea lights, and doughnut delight!

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