Planning a sports party for kids

Planning a sports party for kids

What sounds better than sports, hot dogs, and birthday cake…

Well, not very much, right?

Especially, if you have an energetic little one who loves to run around, play sports, and eat delicious, ketchup covered hot dogs! 

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Do you have to plan a birthday party soon?  AND you want it to be all about sports?

If both apply to you, then you’ve come to the right place! 

We have all the secrets to holding the BEST sports party that will leave your child smiling and happy for days…

Here are our top tips for hosting the BEST sports themed birthday party!

Super Sports

First, you’ll have to pick a sport.

Does your child like to play football in the park? Watch American football on TV? Or, shoot some hoops at the basketball court? 

Once, you have the sport then it’s all about planning the activities! 

1. Football 

All you really need for this is lots and lots of footballs! 

If you have a garden, you can layout a mini football field, or look into local areas/parks that would be ideal for a football match…

Then, you can organise a football coach to lead the game! 

This can be you, a partner, friend, other parent…whoever is willing to take on the role of football coach for the day! 

You can also set up a scoreboard in the garden and tally the goals as the game is played…

This adds to the experience, and gets everyone in competitive sporting mood! 

2. Tag rugby or American Football

If you live in North America, it’s super simple to watch American football on your TV, and you might even be lucky enough to watch the Super Bowl!

If you’re based in Europe, rugby is lot more common. In fact, American Football looks alien to most Europeans. Either way, Tag rugby or Tag football is a great game to play at a kids party. All the fun without any of the risk.

There are some little details you can add to make it more like the real experience of going to an actual game…

For example, you can put signs up on the bathroom with “restroom”, the bedroom can be “locker room”, and most importantly, “water station” …

So, the kids don’t get too thirsty running around! 

3. Basketball 

Basketball is extremely popular nowadays, and its SUPER fun! 

You can find basketball hoops online for your garden, or scout out a nearby basketball court for the day so you can host a basketball tournament! 

A nice way to make the party special is to create “admit one” tickets in the form of birthday invitations and the guests need to show them to get in…

Plus, it’s a lovely souvenir to take home. 

Next, you’ll have to think about snacks…

Hot Dog Delights

The BEST thing about going to a football match or basketball game is the snacks…

You get to indulge in comforting hot dogs, nachos, and sometimes even popcorn!

It’s a great occasion to treat yourself and get some yummy snacks, and another great occasion for treats is, birthdays…

So, combining the delicious snacks at football or basketball games with a sports themed birthday party is PERFECT!

The kids will love it. They get to have as many hot dogs as they like, and they don’t have to wait in long lines…

Birthdays are the BEST.

And, of course, you need a sports themed cake! Check out this article to learn how to make an amazing football cake.

You can also make one for basketball, too! Look at these cute basketball cupcakes.

Birthday Magic

Just like all birthday parties, you need some magic to make it complete…

The BEST way to have a magical birthday party is with wonderful decorations! 

As this is for a sports themed party, how about a blown-up photo of a sports player to hang in the living room, or kitchen?

To make it even MORE exciting, you can cut out the head and create an amazing photo booth template…

All the kids can get their photo take and they can take them home to put on their wall! 

It’s a fun, and personal way to make a sports party extra special.

Once you have the decoration covered, you can move on to planning the activity schedule for the day…

We can recommend having a long list of games to play to keep the small ones entertained. 

For instance, obstacle course, piñata, how many hoops can you shoot…

You’ll need lots of activities to keep the children busy and hungry enough for those delicious hot dogs! 

If you head over to our blog, you can find our other post on outdoor activities that might give you some inspiration.

However, the BEST activity to do at the end of a sports themed party is definitely an award ceremony! 

You can make handmade awards for, “Best Goal”, “Best Player”, and “Best Team” and present them at the end of the party…

Then, the kids can take them home with them and keep them in a special place in their room.

Afterall, sports are about team building and celebrating success, as well as failure, so it’s a great way to show your kids you can have fun AND have a friendly competition with friends! 

To go the extra mile, you can create a “team package” as a party bag with a personalised water bottle, medal, trading cards, and anything else sports themed! 

We’re sure that with the combination of super sports, hot dog delights, and birthday magic your child will have a memorable, and action-packed party that they’ll remember forever! 

That’s a wrap

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