Top dance music for a kid’s party

Top dance music for a kid’s party

Hosting a kid’s disco party is always great fun. However, creating music playlists for the event can be time-consuming.

To get you started, we put together over 2 hours of kid’s dance music. You can access the playlist directly on Spotify with the link below.

A few music selection tips

As a rule of thumb, we think it’s best not to play the clips directly from YouTube. Having a video running in the background can break the dance atmosphere of the party. You also never know how suitable a clip might be. To avoid both of these issues, simply stream the music from a music-only platform.

For the party, don’t be afraid to take music requests from the children. However, try and get these requests before the music starts. Otherwise, kids end up queuing instead of dancing.

If possible, randomize the order of the requests so that the kids don’t wait just for “their song”. This also avoids the problem of not getting to everyone’s song.

To get the party going, start with songs that have a chorus that’s easy to understand and repeat. Songs with choreography are a great way to engage everyone in the fun. Kids who don’t like dancing will generally join in for those with choreography. Don’t play all the choreographed ones at once; try spreading them out through the party to keep the energy up.

Top dance music for kids

With these tips in mind, we’ve put together a Spotify playlist with over 2 hours of music, to get your kid’s disco party kicked off to a great start.

Note that Spotify plays ads between songs if you use a free account. If you don’t have a premium account, get one for the evening. It will cost you 9 euros for the month but it’s worth it for the party. If you don’t use it, don’t forget to unsubscribe.