DIY activities to dazzle your kids!

DIY activities to dazzle your kids!

A list of easy, and simple to follow activities that will create some magic!

Life can seem so repetitive, with endless laundry, homework and cooking to be done…

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I bet you’ve had moments when you’re staring at the to-do list with never-ending tasks and wishing there was someone to come and sprinkle a little magic into your life, whilst at the same time making your children smile just that little bit more!

Well, look no further! We’re here to help.

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Children can be fussy. That’s no shock to parents out there. It can be so difficult to keep your kid entertained and excited when every month there seems to be a new toy, game, or console they want…

That’s why we want to give you a few wonderful DIY activities that will spark some joy, and maybe even a little surprise into your kids’ lives! 

Let’s get started…

First, for all those Frozen fans out there! 

1. Frozen Silly Putty

This is an amazing, and simple way to make something as well-known as silly putty seem super cool. Plus, the glitter will leave your child mesmerized for hours!

Just check out this link to find out more: ‘FROZEN’ Silly Putty (

Maybe Frozen isn’t a big hit in your house, but I’m sure some of you have plenty of unicorn t-shirts and stationery…so, why not add a notebook? 

2. Matchbox Unicorn Notebook

Children always need a new notebook, whether that be for drawing or writing, so this is a perfect way to give them a special project to work on, and ticks another thing off the shopping list!

Red Ted A has an easy to follow guide on how to make this: Matchbox Unicorn Notebook DIY – Red Ted Art – Make crafting with kids easy & fun

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Now we’ve covered the glittery stuff, here’s another great DIY activity for those lazy Sundays when the sun is shining, and you need something to encourage your child to get outside and play!

3. Fizzing Sidewalk Paint

No doubt, your neighbours won’t thank you for this as it makes quite the mess… but, mess can be fun, and a rainy day will wash it all away in no time!

It’s also great for any age, as it can be modified for older kids who want to practice their science skills on a creative experiment!

Everything you need to know is right here: How to Make Fizzing Sidewalk Paint | Make and Takes

If you want something a little more hands-on and allows your child to get out in nature and explore, then the next one is ideal for you…

4. Bug Hotel

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a hotel…for BUGS! What better way to get your kid interested in the magical creatures and bugs that live in their back garden? 

Just follow this blog: and watch your bug hotel come to life!

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Bugs are amazing, but some children need some extra excitement to get them interested in nature. So, here’s something explosive to give your child a real surprise…

5. Erupting Volcano

What child doesn’t love seeing something blown up, right? It’s simple but brilliant. They will be AMAZED! 

Interested? Here’s the step-by-step guide: Homemade Volcano Erupting Red Hot Lava | Make and Takes

Hot lava is pretty fascinating to a little one, but we have something even better…

6. Dancing Raisins

Raisins? Dancing? I bet you’re intrigued. It’s hard not to be with this one… 

To be honest, this is as much a treat for adults as it is for children…it proves again that science can be magical!

Buggy and Buddy shows us how to create dancing raisins: Dancing Raisins Science Experiment (

If you’d rather leave the creativity in the hands of the kids, then you can create some DIY ornaments…with flour!

7. Salt Dough Ornaments

These are wonderful as you can make any shape, animal, or colour you want! It can be a great DIY activity to keep your kids busy for hours, and hours while you sit back and have a nice cup of tea! 

Here’s an easy-to-follow recipe: Easy salt dough recipe: how to make salt dough – Gathered

After a day of playing outside, or painting, there comes that time of day that is familiar to every parent- bath time. The same every day, right? But what if there was something marvelous that would make bath time a bit more spectacular…

8. Bath Bombs

Again, this is a perfect DIY activity for children as they can create anything they want! They can make dinosaurs, butterflies, or even, experiment with adding real flowers! 

How do you make a bath bomb? It’s simple: How to make a bath bomb – BBC Good Food, enjoy!

As we all know, with lockdowns, restrictions, and limited socialising it’s hard to constantly think up imaginative activities for your kids, so sometimes you have a movie night, and maybe you pop on Harry Potter…

I mean, everyone loves Harry Potter! Even though it’s already packed with magic and mystery, how about adding some more?

You could have a Harry Potter dress up evening and you could even make your own wands! 

9. Harry Potter Wands

This is guaranteed to be a hit with your children! And, it adds some more fantasy to an otherwise normal evening in front of the TV with a movie…

Harry Potter Wands: DIY Harry Potter Wands | Simply Bessy | Kids Crafts and Activities

Now, there are plenty more magical creatures out there and maybe your child prefers watching Tinkerbell…

DIY Picture 4

10. Sparkly Fairy Wand

If that’s the case then this DIY activity is made for you! 

Create some fairy magic with this crafty idea here:  Sparkly magic wands | The Craft Train

That’s a wrap

We’ve given you the BEST DIY activities that are going to dazzle your kids with wonder! Some of them are great for rainy days inside like, Frozen Silly Putty, Salt Dough Ornaments, or Dancing Raisins…

But, for the days when the weather is shining and you want to explore the outdoors, then the Fizzling Sidewalk Paint, and Bug Hotel will be a great incentive to get everyone out in the fresh air! 

That being said, we also gave you a couple of cosy comforts such as, Harry Potter Wands for those movie nights in, and Bath Bombs for a warming night time treat…

Whatever the activity, we have you covered! Hopefully these DIY activities will help make the days a little less repetitive, and a lot more magical!

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