Here in Ireland we are no stranger to the rain, but how best to keep the kids entertained in the event of a downpour?

Will, you stay cooped upside and wait out the storm, or perhaps take advantage of the rain to do some fun, entertaining, and brain-stimulating indoor activities with your children?

Activities to do with your kids when it rains

Here are some boredom-busting, cheap, and easy indoor activities you can try out with your kids to turn a dreary rainy day into a fun-filled memorable one.

Pull up your sleeves, put on some hot chocolate, and get ready to keep everyone engaged, entertained, and happy.

Impromptu Karaoke

Children react naturally and enthusiastically to music; get everyone to take a turn to sing their favourite songs and watch as a dull wet day transforms into fun, laughter-filled moments.

The best part is nobody has to follow the tune – be sure to choose a song that will get everyone nodding, dancing, jumping, and tapping their feet.

Board games

This is a classic rainy day activity that sure doesn’t go out of fashion. It also offers an excellent opportunity to bond with your kids.

Mix things up a bit; instead of the usual monopoly game, try out new board games. Check out some of these exciting board games you could play with your kids:

  • First Orchard, suitable for preschoolers aged 2 to 5.
  • Do you have older kids say, 5 to 10? Then Ice cool is a good pick; Adults will also enjoy it.
  • Dixit is the perfect board game if you want the whole family to play. It’s simple to play yet a stimulating game that encourages creativity and storytelling.

Role Play

Get your kids to play their favourite characters. All you need are a few dice and a storyteller. You can find versions of Dungeon and Dragons for children online, such as D&D for kids. If you have fans of the full game at home, this is a great introduction.

For a more hands-on approach, you can design costumes and accessories. The activity is quite perfect for preschoolers and older kids. Encourage the little ones to help out with the costumes. Set the preschoolers to sort out materials while the older kids can help sew them together.

Fashion Parade

Nothing beats watching your children struggling to fit into your old clothes. Drag out your boxes of out-of-fashion wears and give your kids the free rein to dress up in them.

Make it more fun by creating a runway and have them walk down the corridor. Don’t forget to film it!

Make a Photo Collage

Your kids will love you for this. Truth is kids love to cut and create something, so help fuel their creativity.

Get out the old magazines, glue, and scissors and get everyone cutting and gluing together.

Lego Building contest

Choose a theme – say building a vehicle, human, or single coloured blocks and unleash your little horde of builders to start constructing.

Indoor Treasure hunt

Now there is a number of ways you can do this – one idea is to draw a treasure map and hide small gifts at strategic points in the house. Then hand out the plan to your kids to go retrieve them.

Another idea is to do a scavenger-style hunt, hand them a matchbox and ask them to go and find the smallest items in the house that can fit into the matchbox.

Build an indoor obstacle course

Struggling with keeping up with your restive youngsters? Pitch everyone against each other and see who completes the obstacle course first without cheating.

To give everyone a winning chance, alternate speed based obstacles with precision-based ones. Set a timer and see how long it takes each kid to complete the task.

Play hide-and-seek

The thrill of hiding and the shrill, loud shouts and laughter when found, are what makes this game a perfect rainy day activity.

If you don’t have a lot of space, get someone to hide an object instead of him or her selves.

Make a blanket fortress

Toys take on a new life when under the ‘high’ walls of blanket forts. If you don’t mind a bit of cleaning, pick a room and have it rearranged to accommodate the princess castle.

Allow your little ones to decorate, bring in their books and toys, and watch as they take up residence in their new home.

Freeze dance

Are your little angels energetic and in need of activities to burn off some energy? You may consider Freeze dancing.

It involves playing a song while they dance; pause the song suddenly and have your kids freeze.

If there is more than one child around, ask anyone that moves when the song is paused to sit out until a winner emerges.

Activities to with kids outside of Home

You don’t want to stay at home and you’re ready to brave the elements? Here are some activities you can do with kids when it’s raining.

Go to the Playground

No, not the park, an indoor playground. During rainy days, our first instinct is to stay indoors and dry.

That means, it’s a great time to have the whole playground to yourself – that’s if you don’t mind a bit of a splash heading out.


Either create your own bowling lanes, using softballs and empty plastic bottles or head out with your children to an indoor entertainment centre for an intense session of bowling.

It’s an excellent diversion for your kids during rainy days, and it’s a great opportunity to take memorable family photos.

Visit arcade centres

Arcades are great places to visit to lighten up your day and get the kids engaged with exciting activities.

Whether it’s just to chill out, reminisce about days gone by and play your favourite childhood games, or try your hands at the new releases, arcades offer a variety of activities that both you and your kids can genuinely enjoy.

Go to the movies

A family movie day is just the perfect activity to get everyone cuddling up, coffee in hand, and munching away at snacks.

If you’re unable to head out to the cinema, you can turn your family room into a personal theatre instead. Be sure to have a collection of movies the whole family can enjoy and settle in for a cosy family bond time.

Head Out to the Leisure Centres

Want to keep your kids active and entertained? There are excellent children friendly leisure centres that you can take your kids to let off steam despite the rain.

A Few More Thoughts

So, there you have it, a rainy day doesn’t have to be boring. Use the ideas here to keep your kids entertained while also encouraging them to be more creative.

Let’s hear from you! What other activities do you suggest for keeping kids amused on rainy days?