Creative corporate event ideas

Creative corporate event ideas

Discover creative corporate event ideas. Learn how to your events more memorable!

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Putting on a corporate event is a huge amount of work. The last thing you want is for your event to feel like “the same old”.

You want to reach your goals while making the event memorable, fun and unique. This is where adding creative corporate event ideas comes in.

These are activities, challenges, workshops, speakers that will stand out and make your event memorable.

Let’s dive in.

Creative corporate event ideas

Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes; each with different stakeholders and different goals. You can check out our separate article on the different types of corporate events.

The secret is to combine the traditional, tried & tested elements of corporate events with new and original concepts. This will make it memorable & unique while keeping the event familiar and effective.

For some general corporate event planning advice, check out our separate article on the topic.

Below we’ve listed creative event ideas for you to try. Depending on the size of your event you might want to try just one or a few.

1. DIY Barista stand

Coffee is a religious experience for a lot of people (including the author). Having high-quality coffee at an event is always appreciated. But why not go one step further and book a full DIY barista stand?

Teach your guests the process of making a great cup of coffee and allow them to get hands-on.

2. Speed-dating activities

Networking is a key component of most corporate events. Stakeholders want to get to know each other & see how they can help each other.

Having networking time is fairly common. However, to make it more special, organise a game/activity around it.

It will help break the ice and get more people involved. Here are a few ideas:

  • Play a game of “Today I met” (a variation on “I packed my bag”) to see who has the best memory.
  • Create a rotation system for quick, 1 minute introductions.
  • Have colour coded stickers/badges for people to recognise different specialities (for example blue for programming and green for marketing..)
  • […]

3. Social media scavenger hunt

Social media contests are very common at corporate events; especially customer-facing events. It’s an easy way to generate social media engagement & grow brand awareness.

To make it a bit more fun and interesting, why not turn the contest into a scavenger hunt? To win a prize, different teams need to accomplish different tasks such as:

  • Sharing pictures from key places in the venue (or even outside)
  • Share pictures with different people
  • Commenting on the different stalls
  • […]

You’ll want to find the right balance between making it too difficult (and therefore not worth your guests time) and too dull (therefore not worth the attention of your guests).

Pro-tip: create a custom hashtag for the event and ask every submitter to use it. It will make finding the winner a lot easier.

4. Singing waiters

Surprise your guests by booking waiters to spontaneously break into song during the reception!

Singing waiters are always great fun and can be booked to perform different styles of music depending on the style of your event.

If you’re not serving food at your event, you can book surprise singers instead. That is singers who will act as guests or staff members instead.

5. Non-Business Workshops

Why not host a non-business related workshop?

Obviously, for corporate social events, this is a no brainer. But even at business-related events, taking a break from work-related talks is always refreshing.

There is only so much information a person can take before needing to clear their heads.

These workshops don’t have to be completely unrelated either. They can be business adjacent workshops. For example:

  • Public speaking workshops
  • Productivity workshops
  • Improv workshops
  • Cooking workshops
  • […]

To make these a success, you’re going to want to judge your audience carefully. Don’t choose a workshop that’s too far out of their comfort zone.

6. Mannequin challenge

The mannequin challenge went viral in November 2016. Now it feels like the long lost past. The “been there done that” part of the internet.

However, they’re still fun to do and it’s an easy way to engage everyone.

We recommend that you don’t go over the top. Don’t try to do too much. Keep the camera motion simple as you’ll want to get it done in as few takes as possible.

7. Magician compere

Hire a magician to compere/MC at your corporate event. They’ll perform a magic trick and introduce the next speaker.

It’s something fun and different that will break up the mood.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can book a magician directly through the PartyWizz website.

8. Yoga Class

Plan a yoga class for your guests. This can either be before the event kicks off or, if you have the space & time, during the event.

Of course, you don’t want to make this activity mandatory. But you’ll be surprised at the level of interest this event is likely to generate. Especially if you work in a health-conscious industry.

Pro-tip: To encourage attendance, we recommend that you book a yoga class that’s accessible to beginners.

9. Fundraising

Host a fundraiser during your corporate event to raise money for charity. Everyone is likely to be in a good mood. It is the perfect opportunity to do some good!

You can view some tips and ideas in our article about hosting a corporate fundraiser.

10. Sightseeing

If your event is being hosted in a historical building (or a building with an exhibition) it would be a shame not to offer the tour to your guests.

This can be an ongoing activity that people can do whenever they want/are available.

Similarly, if your event is being hosted in a touristic city (and your guests are coming from abroad) you could organise bus tours that come and go from the event. Taking guests for a short tour before coming back.

11. Storytellers

Similar to sightseeing, hiring a storyteller is a great way to get to know the traditional stories and legends of the country, area and/or city your event is hosted in.

 It’s fun, informative and it’s a nice relaxing break from pure business talks.

12. Ice cream bar

It’s all in the title.

Set up an ice cream bar for your guests to enjoy. It’s sure to be a hit, especially during the Summer (although ice cream enthusiasts will argue that even in winter it’s worthwhile).

13. Motivational speakers

Think TED talks.

You can hire a motivational speaker to deliver a talk at your event. These keynotes are inspirational, motivational and give everyone a great energy boost.

While these talks are usually business-related, you may not find one that covers the exact topic of your event. Don’t overthink it. Booking a speaker that covers a generic, motivational topic can be perfect.

14. Stage Shows

It’s pretty common to end an event with a party. This naturally involves a DJ.

However, if you want something a bit more original, why not host a show? For example a comedy show, live music or even a full play…. The list of possibilities is endless. Your audience will remember it forever.

You can also follow up the show with a traditional party if you’re inclined to do so.

15. Photo booths

Photobooths are very popular for social events. But actually, there are very few events that a photo booth can’t liven up.

When it comes to corporate events, it’s worth going the extra mile to make them feel even more special. Here are a few things you might want to do:

  • Get a custom background. For example, this could be a printed banner.
  • Get custom props that are related to your event theme, company and/or event.
  • Branded prints. Some photobooths allow you to add your company logo directly to the pictures when they’re printed. A perfect giveaway!
  • […]

If you’re based in Ireland, you can book a photo booth directly through the PartyWizz website.

Pro-tip: If you want professional pictures of the event, you’re still going to want a photographer.

16. VR arcades

You might have a business use case for VR… But you can also set up a VR stand just for fun games and activities.

Being still very new, a lot of your guests won’t be familiar with VR yet which makes it a real novelty.

17. Virgin Cocktail Bar

Of course, if your event is a party, you can do an alcohol cocktail bar.

However, for non-social events, cocktails tend to slow down work… And encourage naps in the middle of the afternoon! To circumvent that problem, you can opt for a virgin cocktail bar instead.

Bonus: It’s a great way to add colour to your event, as everyone will be holding a colourful drink/fruit juice.

18. Ball pit

Yes for adults.

Depending on where your event is being hosted, you should be able to rent a ball pit for the day. This is ideal for the meeting area….

Expect some great pictures of well-dressed people hosting meetings in a colourful ball pit. It’s silly, unusual and it’ll definitely make it onto social media!

19. Unannounced Pub Quiz

Hosting a pub quiz is a lot of fun but it’s become fairly common.

To give it a bit of a twist, turn it into an unannounced pub quiz. Simply host the quiz as a surprise between speakers.  It’s an easy way to liven up the room between two presentations.

As a variation, you can also break up the pub quiz into multiple sessions holding each session between a talk.

If you’re based in Ireland, you can book a pub quiz entertainer directly through the PartyWizz website.

That’s a Wrap

We hope you find these corporate event ideas useful and that you implement one or more of them.

At PartyWizz, we specialise in providing the best professional corporate entertainment. If you’re based in Ireland and you’re looking for corporate entertainment, please get in touch. We’d love to help!

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