What to put in hen party bags ?

What to put in hen party bags ?

Time was when party bags existed only at kids’ birthday parties.  However, adults now enjoy the excitement of receiving a little bag of goodies just as much.  And if you’re planning a hen do, we can’t think of a better way to get things off to a great start.

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But what to put in hen party bags?

Almost anything goes! From fun and risqué items to help the party go with a swing, through to hangover kits for the morning after, there’s an endless array of items you could include in your hen party bags.

Stuck for inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled a long list for you to choose from, and we’ve even categorised it.  

First, bag yourself some bags!

Before you start thinking about the contents, you’ll need to source your party bags.  You can find a good selection of these on websites like Amazon UK, Etsy and Ebay, and if your budget will stretch to it, you could even get them personalised.

A cheaper alternative to personalised bags is to buy some plain gift tags which can then be personalised with metallic pens, mini flowers, glitter or anything else that takes your fancy.

And why not add to the party atmosphere by adding a dash of team bride confetti sprinkles to the bottom of your bags? 

When filling party bags, it’s probably best not to include too many tacky items that will eventually end up in landfill.  Equally, you don’t need to spend a fortune on lots of expensive items.  The best way is to think about what people will enjoy and appreciate.  A bag filled with inexpensive, but thoughtful items, will be valued over and above a pre-filled bag that cost considerably more.

The only other thing you need to decide on is whether you want to give all the hens the same items, or if you’d like to tailor them to suit individual tastes. 

Let’s get packing!

Bride squad items

These are the items a bride and her hens will need to get the party going.

  1. T-shirts – these can work out rather expensive, but you could make your own with fabric pens or iron on vinyl letters
  2. Tiaras
  3. Floral crowns
  4. Team bride sashes
  5. Mini confetti cannons – these work on compressed air and often contain biodegradable confetti
  6. Printable games and pens/pencils
  7. Name badges
  8. Photo and selfie props 
  9. Balloons – choose novelty willy shaped balloons for fun, or confetti filled balloons for a classier do!
  10. ‘L’ plates

Drinks items

Partying is thirsty work, so we’ve included some drinks ideas (for during and after the party), plus some fun accessories. 

  1. Mini bottles of prosecco
  2. Mini gin and tonic cans
  3. Mini cans of soft drinks 
  4. Bottle of water
  5. Wine glass charms – after a few drinks these can be invaluable!
  6. Prosecco drops / shimmer syrups – these come in different flavours and colours and add a real wow factor to your favourite tipple!
  7. Fancy straws – there are endless versions of these, so whether you’re after classy, personalised drink sippers or something more daring, you’re sure to find it.
  8. Cocktail stirrers

Food items

The hens are sure to get the nibbles at some point during the party, so a snack or two will go down well.

  1. Sweets – everyone will appreciate a pack of sweets in their goody bag.  You can buy cheap multipacks of sweets in most supermarkets and discount stores, so this one is an economical option.  Why not add some mini rolls of love heart sweets? The little messages on the sweets make this a fun and edible option.
  2. Sugared almonds – split a box up into mini organza bags – they look fab and cost less!
  3. Chocolates – we suggest mini boxes of Roses, the ones containing four or five sweets, individual Ferrero Rocher, foil wrapped chocolate hearts or perhaps Lindt Neapolitans (again, if you’re unable to buy them loose, split a box).
  4. Mini bags of popcorn
  5. Chocolate rice cakes
  6. Small bag of nuts
  7. Homemade brownies or cookies.

Thoughtful items

  1. Scholl party feet foot cushions – not very glamorous, but the hens will definitely thank you when they’re up on the dance floor in their heels!
  2. Mini deodorant spray – partying’s hard work!
  3. 4Head headache stick – produces a cooling tingling effect which provides pain relief when applied to the forehead
  4. Mini mantra stickers or positive affirmation cards
  5. Mini pack of wet wipes
  6. Card with taxi numbers – make sure your hens get home safely after the party
  7. Hangover kit containing paracetamol, a bottle of water, mints, mini bottle of mouthwash, sunglasses and a coffee sachet


  1. Lottery scratch card – this idea has really taken off, so much so that you can now buy personalised ticket holders too 
  2. Heart necklace – there are some very affordable versions of these in silver, or, if you’ve cash to splash you could consider something a little more special.  If you’re giving bridesmaid gifts, these could be included in the party bag.
  3. Earrings – be aware that not everyone has pierced ears
  4. Heart keyring
  5. Hair accessories
  6. Notepad and pen
  7. Scarf

Fun items

  1. Mini stretchy, sticky men – pull them out of shape or throw them at hard surfaces and watch them stick
  2. Willy shaped soap
  3. Mini champagne bubble blowers
  4. Temporary stick-on tattoos

Pamper items

The great thing about these is that you can obtain at least some of them for free by collecting samples ahead of the party.  

  1. Mini bottles of posh bubble bath
  2. Mini tubes of hand cream
  3. Nail polish – often sold in a selection pack of smaller sizes which you can divide.
  4. Little tubes of intensive hair conditioner – often called shots 
  5. Small, scented candles or tealights
  6. Sleep mask
  7. Individual face mask sachets
  8. Miniature soap bars
  9. Make up brushes
  10. Toe separators
  11. Pretty emery boards
  12. Perfume samples – these can often be obtained free in large department stores 
  13. Lip balm / gloss
  14. Body polishing sponge – cheap, pretty and space filling!

While most of the items in this list are relatively inexpensive, there are one or two that are a little more costly.   If you’re filling bags for a small number of hens, this may not be an issue, but if the numbers are larger, you’ll probably want to stick to cheaper items.

Don’t fall into the trap of adding too many items to your party bags either; four or five well-chosen items are probably sufficient.  

That’s a wrap

We hope this list has helped you in your quest for the perfect hen party bag fillers. Obviously not all of the ideas will appeal, but hopefully you’ll have found something your hens will love that’s within your budget.  However, the list is far from exhaustive, so if you have the time, use it as inspiration to search for other items.

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