Easy hen party game ideas

Easy hen party game ideas

Having a hen party? Make sure it’s a night to remember!  

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you simply need to organise the venue and turn up with a few accessories.  OK, so you’ll undoubtedly have a good time, but with just a little forethought, you can transform a good night out into a hilarious hen do! 

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It’s all about creating memories, and a sure-fire way to do this is to incorporate some party games.  There’s no need to stress over what to do, or spend hours searching the internet either, we’ve got you covered with our great selection of hen party game ideas.  

So, let’s get planning!

Hen Party Games

Who am I?

This is a great game for getting hens who don’t know each other talking.  


  • Blank sticky labels, or sticky tape and paper
  • Felt pen
  • List of items that go together (e.g., bacon and eggs) or celebrity couples

Write your chosen items / couples on the labels (one item or half of a couple per label) and stick a label to the back of each guest as they arrive.  The aim of the game is for hens to discover who/what they are by asking questions of their fellow hens.  However, questions can only be answered with yes or no.  Once hens have worked out who they are, they must find their other half.

Mr and Mrs

Collaborate with the groom for this classic hen party game.  

Print a list of questions and get the groom to write down the answers.   Swear him to secrecy; it’s essential he doesn’t share these with the bride-to-be!  

On the night, one of the hens can act as question master and ask the bride the same questions.   After each question, compare the bride’s answer to the one given by the groom.  

The aim is to match as many answers as possible to see how well the couple know each other.  Make it even more fun by imposing a forfeit or shots for every non-matching answer.  

Take care not to choose questions that are too serious or embarrassing – there are some things that should remain between the happy couple.  If you’re stuck for ideas, here are a few suggestions:

  • What was the first film you saw together?
  • Who has the best eye for a bargain?
  • Who’s the better driver? (This one’s subjective, so the couple may well disagree!)
  • What do you argue about?
  • What would you rescue in the event of a fire? (Assume the groom is safe!)

Loo Roll Haute Couture

Fabulous fun and a great opportunity for hens to showcase their design skills – or lack thereof!

Divide the hens into pairs or small teams and provide each team with the following items:

  • Large pack of cheap loo rolls
  • Sticky tape 
  • Faux flowers, buttons, feathers or anything else you can think of.

Teams/pairs decide on a bride and one or more fashion designers.  They must then dress their bride using loo roll, sticky tape and anything else at their disposal.  Set a timer and allow designers approximately five minutes to create a dream dress.  When time is up, give each team an opportunity to explain what inspired them and why they should win.  If space allows, have the brides parade along an imaginary catwalk!  The bride-to-be then scores each team out of ten and gives the winners a small prize.

Girls night out

Would She Rather

This game tests how well the hens know the bride.  Purchase a printable version from Etsy or create your own on a Word document.  E.g., would she rather:

  • Cat / Dog
  • Stay in / Go out
  • Heels / Flats
  • Shots / Cocktails
  • Tea/Coffee

Provide each hen with a print-out and a pen to mark their choices.  The bride then provides the correct answers.  The hen with the most correct answers wins.

First Date Consequences

Provide each hen with a sheet of paper and a pen.  Players then write a word or sentence/s on the paper, folding the top over to hide what they have written before passing it to the person next to them. 

The format is as follows:

  • (Boy’s name)
  • Met (Girl’s name)
  • At/in/on (place they met up)
  • He said (what she said)
  • She said (what he said)
  • He (what he did)
  • She (what she did)
  • The consequence was (what occurred)

Players write these on their papers, replacing the word in brackets with a word or phrase of their choice.   Once all eight steps have been completed, the resulting, usually hilarious, stories are read out.

Handbag Scavenger Hunt

A sit-down version of the classic scavenger hunt.

How to play:

Create a list of items commonly found in handbags or pockets, including one or two slightly more obscure items.  You can also include items of clothing, such as scarves or shoes, and jewellery.  

Divide the hens into two teams and read out items from the list, one at a time.  The first team to produce the item scores a point.  The team with most points wins.  

Playdough Pictionary

Like Pictionary, but playdough replaces the drawing element, and the words are all wedding related.  This game is hilarious, especially after a few drinks!

You will need:

  • A list of wedding themed words, cut out separately or printed on small cards.
  • Two or three tubs of playdough
  • Pen and paper for scoring

Divide the hens into two teams.  Teams then take turns to model what’s written on their card against the clock – set the timer for one minute.  You could also create some All Play cards.  If one of these is selected, one person from each team moulds the item (both teams will be creating the same thing) and whichever team guesses first gets the point.  As in the original game, no talking or hand gestures are allowed!

Prosecco Pong

An easy game played in the same way as beer pong, but the cups are filled with prosecco instead.

You will need:

  • Sufficient prosecco to go around
  • 12 plastic glasses
  • A ping pong ball
  • A long table 

Divide the hens into two teams.  Line glasses up at both ends of the table in a triangle formation, three on the base, two in the centre and one on top, and half fill with Prosecco.   Each team takes turns to throw the ping pong ball and land it in one of the other team’s glasses, bouncing it once on the table first.   If their aim is successful, one member of the opposing team must drink the contents of the glass.  Continue until all the glasses are empty.  Add to the hilarity by sticking a forfeit or dare on the bottom of each glass.

Pin the bouquet on the bride

Are you holding a hen party where older relatives are present, and you don’t want to risk causing offence?  This version of pin the ‘tail’ on the groom is the perfect alternative.  


  • Blindfold or scarf
  • A large drawing or print out of a bride
  • Smaller cut outs of a wedding bouquet – one per hen
  • Sticky tabs or double-sided tape – backing removed – for the bouquets.

Get each hen to initial their bouquet, then blindfold them and spin them round a couple of times before they stick the bouquet in place.  The hen who places the flowers nearest to the bride’s hands is the winner.

Prosecco pong

That’s a wrap

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this, and that our list of hen party game ideas have helped to take some of the stress out of the planning.  

While we’re sure there’s something here for every hen do, you can always use our ideas as the starting point to create your own unique hen party games by personalising them to suit.  And if you’re looking for further inspiration, why not try tweaking some traditional party games to fit the occasion?  Happy planning!

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