Non-Floral Elements Wedding Decoration Ideas

Non-Floral Elements Wedding Decoration Ideas

Over the years, flowers have become a wedding staple, featuring in bouquets, floral centerpieces, corsages, and aisles. However, this trend is changing in recent decades as weddings are becoming more personal. Different couples have unique ideas, and flowers are no longer a requirement at weddings.

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Here’s all you need to know about the benefits of non-floral elements in wedding décor.

Non-Floral Elements in Wedding Decor: An Overview

While flowers are key in emphasizing the wedding mood, couples are exploring alternatives to promote sustainability and reduce costs. Like a floral theme, going flowerless requires proper planning for an appealing result. Start by settling on a theme and be certain that this is what you and your partner want. Next, liaise with an experienced decorator or planner to support your ideas and bring your vision to life. Your planner will evaluate your theme against the venue and season of your wedding and recommend décor ideas to suit your wedding. Some non-floral elements you can incorporate in your wedding include fruits and vegetables, garlands, balloons, spray-painted leaves, and candlesticks.

Advantages of Non-Floral Wedding Décor

Here are some of the benefits of non-floral wedding décor.

Cost-Effectiveness and Budget-Friendly Options

Flowers are costly, especially if you have to import them, and will take a big chunk of your wedding budget. Also, the flowers go to waste after the wedding as you cannot reuse them. Unlike flowers, non-floral elements are great options for cost-friendly weddings, and you can reduce your décor budget by up to half through them. These elements are also reusable after the wedding as your home or office décor, or you can hire them for another event.

Greater Flexibility in Design and Customization

Unlike floral arrangements, which limit you to a centerpiece design, you will enjoy flexibility and customization with non-floral elements. Non-floral elements are available in different styles and colors, making matching your wedding theme easy. Also, you can make the non-floral demands in order, allowing customization to meet your specific needs.

Exploring Different Non-Floral Elements

The following are the different non-floral elements to explore for your wedding:

Sustainable Decor Options

One of the eco-conscious ways to decorate your wedding is by using sustainable options such as potted plants and recycled materials. Potted plants will add beauty to your wedding and serve as décor for your home. Using recycled and reusable materials like reusable signage, glass jars, wine bottles, and tin cans will also minimize waste from the disposal of organic flowers.

Foliage and Greenery   

Foliage and greenery create a unique and stunning decoration for most wedding styles, including bohemian weddings. With different types of greenery available throughout the year, this option is easier and more affordable to work with. Consider greenery such as potted plants to make a statement on your wedding in different vessel shapes, styles, and sizes. You can also add foliage and greenery in garlands and flower crowns.

Alternative Decorative Elements

Unique non-floral decorative elements add interest and interactivity to your wedding décor. Over time, you can accumulate some of these décor, such as seashells and feathers, saving your budget. Other unique options to try include crystals and lights.

Arranging natural elements like feathers and seashells will give a nature-chic look. Consider a pillar of candles or another lighting above these unique pieces for a sparkly touch. You can also place candle lights on your walls but work with your planner to ensure safety. For a traditional table centerpiece, add candelabras with crystals. Light, including fairy lights and candles, will illuminate these pieces on your table, creating a warm feeling for your guests.

Selecting a chandelier that matches your wedding style and theme is also advisable. For instance, go for a Sputnik lightning if you want a vintage or contemporary vibe.  If you love floral arrangements, you can use your lighting projections to evoke floral details.

Practical Tips for Implementing Non-Floral Elements

Implementing non-floral elements requires skill, hence the need to work with a planner. The following are practical tips that your planner will embrace in implementing non-floral elements in your wedding decor.

Reflect the Wedding Theme and Style

Your wedding theme sets the day’s tone and guides your aesthetic decisions. With many variations and styles, settling on a theme can be overwhelming. However, as a rule of thumb, prioritize the elements that speak to you as a couple, including the colors, designs, and iconic details bearing sentimental value.

When selecting non-floral elements for your wedding decor, it’s essential to consider how they align with your chosen wedding theme and style. As you reflect on your wedding theme and style, consider unique non-floral combinations like sunglasses as decorative accents within your centerpieces. Incorporating sunglasses is a unique and unexpected way of infusing your personality into your wedding. For an elegant wedding, wear timeless and elegant sunglasses with sleek designs for a touch of glamor and sophistication to your overall décor. Sunglasses that complement your wedding theme and style will enhance the overall ambiance and create a cohesive visual experience for you and your guests.

Consider the Season and Venue

The season and venue are key determinants and foundations of your non-floral décor elements. Choosing your venue and determining the season should match your style and inspiration décor. Start by considering the availability of the venue and weather restrictions around your wedding. Depending on the season and venue, you can hold your wedding outdoors or not, which will also affect the style elements of your décor.

The season and venue will also guide the color palette of your wedding. You want your décor colors to look good for the venue, camera, and people and make your centerpieces pop.


As weddings become more personal, couples switch to non-floral elements in their décor to embrace their personality. Going non-floral at a wedding is cost-effective and eco-conscious. You can embrace elements including foliage and greenery, sustainable décor options like potted plants, recycled materials, seashells, and feathers. Lighting is also key, and you can attain different arrangements with the help of your planner. Given the skills required in non-floral wedding decorations, work with an experienced planner to bring your vision to life.

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