30 Dublin Bachelor Party Ideas & Activities

30 Dublin Bachelor Party Ideas & Activities

Discover fun ideas and activities that you can do during your Stag Party in Dublin.

Dublin is a great city for celebrating. It’s alive, vibrant and full of things to do… which makes it ideal for a Stag or Bachelor Party!

Let’s dive in.

Dublin Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Parties are a great opportunity to do something different and fun. Below we’ve listed ideas and activities you can do as a group. Just make sure they cater to your group size.

At PartyWizz, we’re not affiliated with any of the businesses listed below. They’re purely our recommendations.

Pro-tip: If you’re planning on doing intensive sports-based activities, don’t over-estimate the group’s physical abilities. It’s hard to enjoy a bachelor party when everyone is exhausted from the start.   

1. Pub Crawl

Dublin is the perfect city to hold a pub crawl. You can either plan your own or book an organised crawl; You can find some organised ones listed on Google. As always, drink responsibly and have fun.

2. Pedal Bus

Pedal around Dublin as a group for a hysterical tour of the city.

Pedal Buses (or Pedi Bus) have become a Stag Party classic. There are now a few different companies that now offer this service in Dublin. You can see some options and reviews on Trip Advisor.

3. Paintball

Playing paintball is another Stag party classic. Inside the city, you can find indoor paintball arenas. Otherwise, you’ll have to go a bit outside of the city. For example, Delta Force in Wicklow.

Of course, you’ll want to dress the groom in a silly (and highly visible outfit)… such as a rabbit onesie….

4. Laser tag

Laser tag is a very tame game compared to paintball but it’s still a lot of fun to play. As an activity, it’s also shorter. Which means, depending on your schedule, it might be easier to fit in.

5. Indoor Soccer

If you’re a large group (10+), playing some indoor football can be great fun. There are a number of pitches in Dublin. Just make sure to place your booking ahead of time.

6. Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer has become extremely popular thanks to social media. If you’re looking for something fun and different, this might be it. Just be prepared to get extremely warm in your bubbles.

7. Airsoft

Airsoft is a sport in which participants shoot pellets instead of the paint bullets used in paintball. While paintball is usually more popular, airsoft is considered a more realistic experience.

Most paintball venues in Dublin also offer Airsoft.

8. Human Foosball

For this activity, you get to be part of the foosball table with all its benefits and drawbacks. It’s a lot of fun and it evens out the skill gap compared to a regular football match.

9. Trampoline Park

Go bouncing around and play classic ball games in rooms that are filled with trampolines. It will definitely wear out your group.

10. Viking Splash Tour

A tourist trap if ever there was one… but fun tourist traps never-the-less. The Viking Splash tour is located in the city centre and is a chance to visit Dublin on land and on water, in an amphibious vehicle. It’s difficult to be picky in Ireland, but this tour is a lot more fun in good weather.

11. Arcade Games

Play some classic arcade games at coin-operated machines. This is a great in-between activity (for example: after your afternoon activity but before dinner) as you can play for as little or as long as you want.

There are a few venues that provide this service. The most popular is probably Token, in Smithfield.

12. Bowling

Bowling is usually considered to be a bit tame for a bachelor party. However, each to their own. You might be happy to do something tame to finish an intensive weekend.

13. Karaoke

Bring out your inner singing divas by booking a karaoke session. If you want to book a private room for the occasion, check out Ukiyo Bar. Otherwise, there are different venues that host public karaoke events throughout the week.

14. Book a Magician

For an unusual activity, you can book a magician to perform for the group. The show can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on what you want.

This activity does require a bit of space. For example, if you’ve booked a function room or if you have a private area in a restaurant or a pub. You can browse and book some of the best magicians in Dublin on PartyWizz.

15. Get Tickets for a Show

Celebrate by getting tickets to a show.

Dublin is constantly hosting world-renowned artists. Music, theatre, comedy… there is always something going on. Check out the programmes at the Bord Gais Energy Theatrethe Olympia Theatrethe Gaiety TheatreVictor Street and 3 Arena.

There are also innumerable shows happening at a much smaller level. It’s always worth checking what’s on in Dublin.

Pro-tip: If this is something you’re interested in, make your reservations as soon as possible. Seats fill up fast.

16. Get Tickets for a Match

While soccer isn’t huge in Ireland, if you’re a Rugby fan, Dublin is the ideal place to be. Especially during the 6 nations. Most pubs will show the matches. However, if you want to be there at the Aviva stadium, make sure you book your tickets early.

If you aren’t from Ireland, why not get tickets for a GAA match in Croke Park. Hurling and football matches are fast-paced games that are full of energy.

Just check up on the rules ahead of time. It’s similar but definitely different to anything you’ve seen before.

17. Comedy Shows

Dublin is a great city to enjoy some comedy so why not use the bachelor party to get the groom properly heckled.

We recommend you check out the Laughter Lounge. They’re a bit pricier than the rest but they only book the best comedians and entertainers. You’re guaranteed a top notch show.

Otherwise, you can check out some of the smaller comedy clubs, such as the International bar or Cherry comedy.

18. Irish Music

Watching a traditional Irish show is always memorable. If you’re not from Ireland, it’s definitely a must.

Opinions differ as to what the ‘best’ traditional Irish show is. Johnny Foxes tends to make most people’s list. You can find a list of options on Publin.

19. Escape rooms

Escape rooms are another Bachelor Party classic. There are plenty of excellent ones in Dublin. A quick google search will show you which ones will be the most accessible to you.

20. VR Rooms

VR Rooms are an emerging concept. They’re rooms where you can play immersive 3D games. A few of these already exist in Dublin such as VR link and Future Shock.

21. Whiskey & Gin Tasting

Ireland is lucky to be the home of some amazing distilleries. Don’t pass up the chance to do some whiskey and gin tasting. In Dublin, you can also book tours of the Jameson and Teeling distilleries.

22. Guinness Storehouse

You can book a group tour of the Guinness storehouse. Home of one the world’s most famous beers. It’s a Dublin classic. At the end of the tour, you can enjoy a pint at the Gravity bar that has a unique view of the Dublin skyline.

23. Body Artist

Paint the future groom! It can be a full-body painting or just arm artwork. Just remember that if you want something extremely specific, you’ll want to talk about it with the artist ahead of time.

You can browse and book a body artist directly through PartyWizz.

24. Bingo Night

Bingo night and musical bingo is an easy and fun option for Bachelor Parties. Once again you need a private space for this activity. If you don’t have space where you stay, book a private room in a pub or in a restaurant.

You can browse and book a music bingo entertainer directly through PartyWizz.

25. The Comedy Bus Tour

Go sight-seeing while in a comedy club. The Dublin Comedy Bus Tour takes you around all the most famous sight-seeing points while keeping you laughing the whole way.

26. The Dublin Ghost Bus Tour

For some alternative sight-seeing, take The Ghost Bus Tour to go around the historically haunted and paranormal areas of the city. 

27. Ziplining

Go climbing up trees and swing around branches for an afternoon. You won’t find any ziplining parks within the city but there are some easily accessible ones not too far away. The closest is Zipit in the Wicklow mountains.

28. Book a Party Bus

As the name implies, a Party Bus is a small bus that brings groups to parties. It’s a safe way to travel into the city while listening to disco music and having fun.

It will bring back memories of your university years… In fact, these buses mostly cater to students. Set your expectations accordingly.

There are multiple providers of this service. You’ll have to check based on where you’ll be staying.

29. Cocktail Bars

Go enjoy some cocktails in one of Dublin numerous cocktail bars.

Pro-tip: Select one where you can book a private room. 

30. Karting

For a bit of speed-driven adrenaline, book a go-karting session for the group. It’s a Stag party classic for a reason! Depending on the time of year, you might want to book an indoor session.

That’s a Wrap

We hope you’ve found something you like. Have a great bachelor party and you enjoy your time in Dublin.

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