Photo Booths: Which One is Right for You?

Photo Booths: Which One is Right for You?

Do you have an event planned? And, are you looking for some tips on picking the right photo booth for your party? 

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Well, look no further! We’ve looked over the different types of photo booths and narrowed it down to 6 of the best options for photo booths, and given you a list of pros and cons for each…

Let’s get started! 

1. Open-Air Photo Booth 

This is the most popular option for photo booths. The general idea is you dedicate an area of the room to the “photo station” and you place a box of funny accessories for your guests to wear, like hats, scarfs, glasses…

Just a collection of funny costumes!

Then, you place a camera on a tripod and press record. At the end, your guests should have a funny selection of candid photos to take home with them. 


  • Easy to set up
  • You can create a backdrop if you’d like 
  • A big group of people can fit in the picture (great for corporate events, or weddings)


  • It’s not as fashionable as, for example, an Instagram wall
  • You need to arrange props 
  • It might take a little encouragement to get people to take part ]

Pro-tip: Check out our article on tips for hiring the best Photo Booth.

2. A Classic Photo Booth

If you want to go traditional, a classic photo booth is the way to go! 

Especially, if you’re throwing a cocktail party, or you want a more personal photo option with less people than an open-air photo booth. 

Plus, everyone loves taking home a photo strip and hanging it on their wall. 

It’s a perfect gift for guests at a party! 


  • It’s a timeless option for all age groups
  • Guests can take home a souvenir
  • It’s more personal (less people)


  • You have to organise a place to rent one
  • Space might be an issue depending on your venue 
  • It might not be for everyone 

3. Selfie Mirrors

The Party Mirror is a state-of-the-art photo booth which allows you to personalise your photos and print them there and then.  You can add emojis and even sign your own photos before they are printed. 

For Corporate events a company logo can also be added to all prints.  The quality of the prints is very high and I also bring a backdrop and lights as well as a nice range of props.


  • It’s fun and different
  • The pictures are customisable
  • Guests can take home a souvenir


  • It requires electricity
  • It’s designed for smaller groups (5 to 6)
  • It might not be for everyone 

4. GIF-Maker Photo Booth 

This type of photo booth is a recent phenomenon at parties and events, as GIFs are becoming so popular! 

Have you heard of a GIF-Maker photo booth? 

If you haven’t, we’re sure you’ve seen the occasional short video clip appear on your phone, either on a text messaging app like, WhatsApp, or even in a TV advert…

GIFS are being used more and more in marketing, and that’s why it’s a great idea to have a GIF-Maker photo booth! 

All you need to do, is hire a photographer to capture your guests doing a sequence of their choice, for example re-creating the dirty dance scene between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey…

Or, for the family, doing a Tik Tok dance together. Anything goes really! 

And, it’s a nice way to reinvent the photo souvenir, and update it with an animated memory! 

Sounds good, right? 


  • It’s unique and fun
  • Very modern and will appeal to younger people 
  • A good way to get people to mingle at your event 


  • It can be hard to find a photographer to make them 
  • Not everyone will like it, it depends on your age group
  • It’s less spontaneous, you have to plan what you want to do for the GIF

5. Hashtag Printing Photo Booth 

Now, this one is amazing!

Do you know what a hashtag printing photo booth is? 

We’re sure you know a hashtag, as there everywhere online nowadays…

But, did you know you can make your own? 

First, you make the event hashtag (something unique to your event, like ‘Jim and Karen’s Wedding’, or ‘Lucy’s 50th‘) then, take a photo and post on Instagram…

And, finally, print out the photo! 

It’s that easy. And, it’s a lovely way to keep your guests connected and share the event with other online. 


  • It’s low budget and different
  • Everyone can get involved 
  • You can keep the memory online forever 


  • Doesn’t work for people who don’t have social media
  • It’s not as personal
  • It might stop people from enjoying the moment

6. Polaroid Selfie Photo Booth

Polaroids are magical. 

The way they capture the moment, and create a lovely gift for your guests! 

This is a wonderful alternative to a guest book or thank you notes…

Instead, get all of your guests to take a polaroid and send them it after the event as a thank you! 

Or, you can pin them on a collage and keep them as a reminder of the day.

We think this is the perfect combination of a gift, and a photo opportunity….

And, people absolutely love it at an event! 


  • It’s thoughtful 
  • Allows people to take their own photo
  • You can keep everyone’s picture 


  • You need to have enough film
  • Make sure to have more than one, if you have a lot of guests
  • Some guests might prefer taking photos on their phones 

That’s it! Our 5 photo booth options and the pros, and cons of each.

We hope it’s help you decide what photo booth option you want for your event! 

But, in case you’re still unsure, we’ll leave some links at the end of the blog post for you to browse to help you make the decision! 

Ultimately, it’s up to you on what you’d prefer for your party…

A classic photo booth is a timeless hit, a GIF-Maker is interactive, and a polaroid photo booth is for those special moments…

Whatever you decide, we’re sure your guests will have a great time taking photos and creating memories of the occasion! 

About PartyWizz 

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