Tips for Hiring the Perfect Photo Booth

Tips for Hiring the Perfect Photo Booth

In this article, we’ve listed everything you need to know for hiring the perfect photo booth for your next event.

Photo booths have become a party staple. Especially at weddings and corporate events. Good photo booths are simple, fun and create long-lasting memories.

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The following tips will help you book a service that seamlessly fits in with your event and gets your guests raving, laughing and making silly poses.

1. Does the Photo Booth Fit in With the Venue?

To get the best results, you need to book a photo booth that will fit in seamlessly with the party venue.

How Much Space Does the Photo Booth Require?

Photo booths take up a decent amount of space. Even the smaller ones. There is no standard size but to take pictures of 2 or 3 people expect a booth that’s 1.5 x 2 meters and about 2 meters tall.

If you have limited space, consider a selfie mirror as they are smaller. However, the camera still needs to be far enough to capture the moment.

To make the best possible decision, you’ll want to get exact measurements from the venue before you decide on anything. It can be hard to visualise how much space a photo booth will actually take up.

Pro-tip: You can use your phone to measure different spaces in the venue to make sure the photo booth will fit in.

Where Will the Photo Booth be in the Venue?

Where you set up the photo booth will have a big impact on how and when it’s used by your guests.

Ideally, the booth should be set up slightly to the side but visible from the main party area. You need to make it obvious to your guests that the photo booth is there for them.

You’ll have to make an educated guess based on the space provided by the venue. Don’t be afraid to ask the venue manager what the usual set-up is.

If you’re setting it up out of sight, make sure you find another way to drive awareness to it. For example props, signs and staff members.  

Pro-tip: Location is also key to avoid/minimise disruptive queues for the photo booth. Plan some space for the next group to wait in line and a separate space for guests to look at their photos and share them. This will help with the flow.

Does the Provider Travel to the Venue?

This is an obvious thing to check but it can be hard to find an answer online.

If you’re based in Ireland and you’re booking through PartyWizz, you can search a provider by location. Otherwise, you may need to call the provider directly to get an answer.

PartyWizz locations
Screenshot of the PartyWizz homepage

2. What are the Set-Up Requirements?

Setting up and taking down the photo booth is part of the service that providers offer. Don’t worry about their side of the job. Just make sure the logistics don’t conflict with your event.

Does the Photo Booth Need Electricity and/or Wifi?

The majority of photo booths need to be plugged in. Most of them don’t require too much power and can be plugged into a regular socket. Therefore, when booking the photo booth, make sure a plug is accessible in the venue.

Some also require a Wifi connection to print off the photos wirelessly. Ask the photo booth provider and the venue accordingly.

Can the Photo Booth be Brought Upstairs?

However, there are some photo booths that are battery-powered. Check with the individual providers if this is something that you need.

Commonly, a photo booth cannot be brought upstairs. If your event is on the ground floor or is accessible with a lift then you shouldn’t have any issues. However, if this isn’t the case, you’ll need to find a provider that can go up the stairs.

How Long Does it Take to Set Up the Photo Booth?

The set-up time will vary widely depending on the type of photo booth you book. However, it most likely will take an hour to an hour and a half.

This set-up is part of the service they provide and should be completed well before the guests arrive. Just make sure it doesn’t conflict with the venue’s own set-up plans.

When Will the Photo Booth be Taken Down?

If you’ve booked the photo booth for a specific time slot, the service provider might need to disassemble the equipment during the event. Make sure this can be without interrupting the flow of the party.

This will largely depend on the space you have, how the set-up is done and the format of your event. For example, if you book the photo booth for a wedding reception, it can be taken down while your guests go to dinner.

If you book the photo booth for the entire duration of the event, this isn’t an issue you need to consider. You can also check with the provider to see if they can collect it the next day.

Do They Require Anything Specific?

These are provider-specific requirements. For example, some photo booth providers will ask for a table for the guest book.

3. Check the Quality of Services

We’ve all been burned before and we know that different providers don’t deliver the same quality of service. Before booking a photo booth make sure they can deliver on what you need them to.

Get a Referral

This is a great place to start. Simply ask around you to see if you know anyone who has booked a photo booth before. You can also ask the venue to see whom they usually work with. Most of them have a list of preferred partners.

Try Meeting the Provider

If there’s a fair or an open house, try to meet the photo booth provider there. You’ll get a feel of how professional they are and what events they’re used to catering to.

View Pictures Online

Check for pictures of the photo booths online. This will give you an idea of what their service is like. Look for pictures of the actual booth as well as pictures that the booth takes.

On PartyWizz, you can find pictures and videos on the profiles of the individual service providers.

photobooth partywizz profile
Screenshot of The Party Mirror

View Testimonials & Reviews

Check for reviews and testimonials online.

If you’re hiring a photo booth through PartyWizz, you can find these on the profile of the individual service provider (see the previous picture). Otherwise, check third party websites such as Facebook and Google.

Unfortunately, it’s important to remember that these reviews can be faked. Take the time to read through them and make sure they feel authentic.

Check to See if They’re Part of a Vetting System

Checking for a vetting system is optional but it’s an extra guarantee.

For example: at PartyWizz, we vet all of our entertainers and service providers to make sure we only work with the best. If you don’t live in Ireland, you’ll have to search for a similar vetting system near you.

There is no formal/standard vetting system for photo booths. It’s all based on past events.  

4. Clarify What’s Included in the Fee

Once you’ve narrowed down the photo booth provider you wish to work with, take the time to clarify what’s included in their fee.  

How Long Will They be Onsite?

Check how long the photo booth will be operating during the event. 2 hours tends to be the standard. However, most providers will be flexible depending on whether you want more or less time. 

How Many Prints do They Include?

Some photo booth providers include unlimited pictures while others only include a set number of prints (for example 200). After that, there is an extra fee per picture (for example 40c).

Before making a decision, check to see how they operate. It will vary widely between providers. If the information is not on their website, you’ll need to check with them directly.

When hiring a provider that includes a set number of prints, you’ll need to estimate how many you need ahead of time. As a rule of thumb, count one picture per person. This only needs to be an estimate. Additional pictures can be purchased (or rather added to the bill) on the day of the event.

Is the Photo Booth Staffed During the Event?

Having someone who manages the photo booth is definitely a plus. They will be able to guide and advise your guests; helping them achieve the best possible pictures.

5. What Additional Services do They Provide

Along with the actual booth and the pictures, photo booth providers usual offer additional services.

Do they Provide the Photo Props for the Pictures?

The props and silly costumes you get are part of the fun. It’s worth checking whether this is something they provide and what props they bring.

Pro-tip: For some extra fun consider bringing some additional items of your own.

Can They Provide Seasonal Photo Props?

Are you hosting a Halloween party, a Christmas party or any other seasonal event? For an added bit of fun, ask if the photo booth provider can provide props that match the occasion.

Can the Photo Booth Provide Corporate Branding?

For corporate events, certain photo booths can add your logo to the pictures. If this is something you’re interested in, check with the service provider ahead of time.

Can They Provide a Picture Book or album?

This is a great concept for weddings. All the guests get a picture taken and then stick it inside a book. It makes for an unbelievable souvenir. If this is something you’re interested in, check to make sure it’s a service they provide.

photobooth picture book

6. Check for Availability

Make your booking as soon as possible. Especially if your event is on during the festive season. A photo booth can only be in one place at the time and availability goes quickly.

Depending on where you live, 6 months in advance might barely be enough!

7. Have a Contract or Agreement

Once you have made your booking, professional service providers should provide you with a contract or agreement.  This contract, or written agreement, is important as it contains all the details you’ve agreed upon. It will also spell out what happens in unforeseen events.

On PartyWizz, by accepting the terms and conditions, a general agreement is set between the performer and the organiser upon booking the party.

8. Get in Contact Before the Day of the Event

Once you’ve booked the photo booth, we recommend that you get in touch before the day of the event. This is helpful for making final arrangements and checking details.

Make the final planning on how the photo booth will fit in with the rest of the party. An email or a text message will do, but a quick phone call is often the best method.

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The tips mentioned in this article are helpful, regardless of how and where you book a photo booth. However, if you are interested in booking a photo booth, take a look at the PartyWizz website.

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