Zoom Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Zoom Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Discover some fun Zoom birthday party ideas for kids.

Unlike adults, birthdays are hugely important for kids. We dread every year that goes by, but they can’t wait; always counting down the days!

With that comes the need to plan a party. Unfortunately, with the uncertainty of COVID-19, in-person events aren’t always an option.

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However, it is possible (and fairly easy) to organise a virtual birthday party for a child that’s still memorable and fun.

To get you started, in this article we’ve listed different virtual birthday party ideas as well are some tips to make the most of the event.

Let’s dive in.

Zoom Party Ideas for Kids

It’s called a Zoom party, but unless you’re planning on having more than 50 people, Skype should do fine. It’s free and the software allows you to share a link just like Zoom. Technically, your guests don’t even need to install the app but we recommend that they do as it’s more reliable.

We also recommend that all the party participants get set up on a “big screen”. For example laptops, iPads, TV screens… avoid phones and other small devices at all cost. The bigger the screen the better.

Lastly, try to make sure every guest has his or her “own” screen. It’s not a necessity but it will make participating easier.

Now that you’re set-up, here are some virtual party ideas for kids:

1. Karaoke

Host a virtual karaoke party. It’s surprisingly easy to organise.

You can find all the karaoke songs you’ll ever need directly on YouTube. Just search for “[Song Name] + Karaoke”.

Next, generate a link on Watch2Gether to keep all the singing in sync. It’s a website that allows participants to watch YouTube videos together online.

Ideally, every singer should get a decent microphone for the event. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy (headphone microphones should do), but it’s best to have something.

In addition, it requires a bit of self-discipline as the kids need to mute and unmute themselves (although the parent/zoom admin can help there).

Pro-tip: For “solo singers”, keep the songs short. A chorus and a verse is plenty. Otherwise, you risk boring the others.

2. Disco

Why not get everyone to dance around with a disco party? This is ideal for younger kids. It’s fun and it allows everyone to blow off some steam.

You can plan this yourself or book an entertainer to do it for you. They’ll have planned all the songs and the moves for you.

3. Learn to Dance

Similarly, for a bit of structure, you can get everyone to learn a dance with the choreography over Zoom.

Once it’s been perfected, you can get a screengrab of the dance to keep it on record. It’s a great souvenir for all the parents.

If you’re up for it, you can plan this yourself but you can book an entertainer to do it for you.

Pro-tip: For younger kids, think of this more as a “do is I do” rather than memorizing all the moves.

4. Play video games online

Use the party as an opportunity to play some video games online. It’s a very easy option as there is nothing to do. The consoles/games will take care of everything.

This is ideal for smaller parties (up to 6 participants) as most games don’t allow large amounts of concurrent players.

The kids will probably want to do a “video game marathon” but that’s up to the parents to decide…

5. Hire a magician

Surprisingly, you can hire a magician to perform a show online. This is a full show performed through Zoom for your youngsters to enjoy.

It’s not a “regular show” but one that’s been specifically designed for Zoom. It’s something different & unique to watch.

If this is something you’re interested in doing, you can book a magician directly through PartyWizz.

6. Solve a murder mystery

Play a virtual game of murder mystery.

You can find pre-made games online that you can just pay for. Just make sure they are age-appropriate. A lot of them are designed for grown-ups and they’ll be too difficult for young kids to solve.

In addition, check the estimated time required to finish the game. Depending on the age group, 45 min to 1 hour is usually plenty.

7. Trivia game

Trivia game… a.k.a. “I can’t believe how much my kids know about Frozen”.

Play a game of trivia themed around their favourite movie, cartoon, or character. This is perfect for themed parties! You’ll be surprised at how much they know.

This probably isn’t enough for a party on its own, but can easily be combined with other activities.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to have a prize for the winner.

8. Watch a movie

Get everyone to watch a movie.

Again, this works best as a secondary activity (for example after a game) and with smaller groups (5 or 6 kids).

You can use “Teleparty” for this (previously “Netflix party”). It allows you to watch movies together while chatting. You only need a single Netflix account! Just make sure you’re using the correct browsers and so on.

You can find all the information you need on their website.

9. Video reel of birthday wishes

Get all of the birthday boy or birthday girl’s friends to send them a quick happy birthday video message. You can then compile all of these in a single video.

You can do this fairly easily with an app on your phone or your desktop/laptop.

Note: If you want customised character video, for example, a Genie character wishing you happy birthday, check out the PartyWizz website.

10. Write letters

Start a written correspondence between the birthday child and their friends. This is a great way to combine learning and fun.

The ideal age for this activity is when they’re just starting to learn how to write. After that, it isn’t considered fun or cool.

You’re going to want to plan this with the other parents ahead of time. For example, they might initiate the correspondence in order for the birthday child to receive the letter on their big day. They can then write the replies.

11. Set a dress code

Why not get all your young guests to wear silly dress for the party. Especially if you have a party theme. It will make the birthday that little bit more special for everyone.

This activity can be combined with other virtual activities.

If you want to go the full silly dress route, have a prize for the best costume (for younger groups they can all be the winners…).

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