Why We Love Entertainers (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Entertainers (And You Should, Too!)

It’s no secret at PartyWizz we love entertainers! Everyone will know there’s a children’s party going on nearby because of the continuous laughter and happy chatter.

Talented entertainers keep children and other guests happy and engaged during parties or other events. Thanks to these amazing people, planning a children’s party becomes easy.

Yes… we aren’t entirely objective. You can book entertainers on PartyWizz for all types of events in just a few seconds.

However, the reason PartyWizz exists is that we truly believe that entertainers make parties unforgettable. To share our passion for entertainers, we’ve listed what we feel are some of the main benefits of hiring kid’s entertainers.

The benefits of hiring an entertainer

The following are benefits of hiring an entertainer for kid’s parties;

Make the party memorable

For the kids, it should always be ‘the best part ever’.  Thankfully, there are creative entertainers you can trust to exceed your expectations every time.


The advantage of hiring the services of professional entertainers is their consistency. With the best services, it can never be a gamble. You are generally guaranteed that your children are going to have a wonderful time at the party.

There’s never a dull moment

It takes a lot of talent and experience to hold the attention of children. Entertainers spend time planning for events to ensure there is never a dull moment.

Everyone is involved

Entertainers are experts at observing the mood of the young guests. They ensure every child is involved in the fun events. It is no wonder these parties are filled with laughter, excitement and fewer tantrums.

They make the children feel special

Entertainers are multi-talented. They can be skilled storytellers, musicians, and performers. They often make children feel special by using their real names during the performances, and getting them to help perform magic tricks and other fun activities.

Entertainers have skills to make children comfortable. This ability is especially helpful if there are little guests who throw tantrums when they are separated from their parents!

Entertainers are very creative

They come prepared. At the end of events, many entertainers have not performed half of the activities they had available for the show. This is how they manage to keep the children engaged even during unplanned circumstances when they have to perform longer.

Entertainers can also choose to perform in different ways. Some entertainers use a stage for their show. Others sit in the midst of the children and mingle with them while performing their thrilling acts. This choice may depend on the age of your children.

Children learn fun stuff

Fun activities such as face painting or balloon modelling excite children. They also participate in new games; listen to stories, and kid’s magic tricks. At these parties they can learn how to perform these fun activities, so the excitement doesn’t end at the party.

Sounds like a lot of fun for the children, what about the hosts? There is so much value in hiring the services of entertainers.

The values entertainers offer parents who use their services for children’s parties include the following;

It can save money

It is generally cheaper to hire an entertainer who will keep the children happy at events. The alternatives include going to a professional party venue/activity centre or hiring elaborate props and setting up bouncy castles, and other expensive stuff to ensure all the children have different options to stay entertained.  These options tend to be less cost-effective than hiring an entertainer; one talented person to thrill all the little guests.

Well-organized events

Entertainers make the entire event run smoothly. Their experience means that the activities progress without disruptions, errors, or other unforeseen events. An entertainer will plan with you to make the event a wonderful experience. They can often help with suggestions about the best venue for the party. With their support, you will avoid making the mistake of renting a space that is too big or small.

Reduces stress

When entertainers are involved in the party, parents can avoid the stress of handling so many children at the same time. With the children engaged, you will have more time to ensure other parents are comfortable, that everyone is happy, and to sit back and enjoy the smiles on the childrens’ faces.

Time management

Entertainers help to ensure your event starts and ends within the expected time-frame. If you have chosen to hire a venue, time management is necessary to avoid breaking the terms of your rental agreement. Also, many parents will be happy if the party starts and ends at the time indicated on the invitation as they will often have other engagements to get to.

Children’s safety

At the party, entertainers have the ability to keep all the children in one area at the venue. Keeping the young ones engaged with so many activities reduces the chances of a child wandering away from safe areas. Professional entertainers are trained to notice children who are distracted and get them involved in the fun activities.

Make special requests

If you have a plan to surprise the children during parties with special gifts, the entertainer can make this moment spectacular. They can suggest creative ideas to give your children a special surprise.

How to find the best entertainer?

As mentioned earlier, the best thing about using an entertainer is you can trust them to handle the job. You can view our tips on finding the best entertainers.

You can also book entertainers directly through PartyWizz.  You will find the profiles of the best professional entertainers. They include kid’s magicians, clowns, face painters, balloon modellers and so much more.

Book the finest kid's entertainers in just a few clicks!