Bendy  - Halloween

“Dreams Come True”

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Bendy - Interactive Cartoon Character for Birthdays etc - 60min
General, Birthdays, corporate, charity, family Events
Age: 1-100


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"Our little boy Isaac - a huge bendy fan got to meet Bendy in August! And in our hearts that was the real Bendy - not only was the costume perfect , the phrases , voice and movement of bendy was so authentic ! Bendy was absolutely amazing and he gathered his props from his bag (which our Isaac instantly recognised as they were exact replicas!) and played with Isaac , as a parent I will never forget the joy and happiness bendy brought to my child. Forever grateful . Isaac has disabilities and bendy was extremely understanding and patient with Isaac and he broke that shell opening up a joyous relationship full of really meaningful engagement, and leaving us with everlasting memories. Onlookers were even cheerful watching and came to us after complementing how bendy interacted and how well bendy plays the role , never breaking character. In all honesty Isaac got more happiness meeting his hero bendy than he did when we took him to Disneyland and I’ve the photos to prove that I may have shed a tear of pure happiness watching how amazing bendy is, and how bendy interacted in character. We still look back fondly on the photos of the day Isaac met bendy and isaac happily babbles about the amazing day as he clutches his bendy figure his special hero gifted him - bendy definitely showed his good heart I’d highly recommend bendy for any fans , young or old."