Hi All

If you liked the trick, the good news is that it’s completely self-working! 

It’s also a great trick for doing to friends on the phone as you don’t need to handle the cards yourself.

You can do the trick with any 9 regular playing cards.  As long as your spectator remembers the third card from the left, spells correctly and follows your instructions, it should work every time!

The real secret to the trick is the clear instructions you have to give to the person who handles the cards.  So I’ve written the instructions here in full as if you are instructing your spectator, so you can perform the trick immediately! 

  1. Please take any 9 playing cards from a regular pack of cards but please make sure there are no jokers. Mix the cards up as much as you want.
  2. I want you to spread the cards out to yourself in a fan so you can see all the faces towards you. let me know when you’ve done that.
  3. Now I want you to remember the third card from the left as you are looking at the cards
  4. Next, gather the cards up and hold them face down in your hand.
  5. In a moment I’m going to ask you to spell the value of your card, dealing one card for each letter onto the table in front of you.  For example, if your card is a six, you’d spell s-i-x dealing 3 cards onto the table.  If it’s a king you’d spell k-i-n-g dealing 4 cards onto the table. You’re going to be dealing the cards as you spell one on top of the other. So go ahead and spell the value of your card ….  Have you done that?
  6. Great then place the remaining block of the cards in your hand face down, straight on top of the cards on the table.
  7. Then pick up all the cards from the table and you’re going to repeat that with the word ‘of’ – (for 6 of clubs or jack of diamonds or whatever card you have) – so you’re going to deal 2 cards on top of each other onto the table.  Have you done that?
  8. And again, put the block of cards in your hand on top of the cards on the table.  
  9. Then again pick all the cards up, and finally you’re going to spell the suit, either hearts. spades, clubs, or diamonds, again one card for each letter on top of each other onto the table.
  10. All done? Now remember I couldn’t know what card you chose or where it is now – but I want you to do one more thing… pick up the pile of cards on the table and spell the word magic – again dealing one card for each letter of magic.  but stop at the last letter ‘C’ – turn over that card………Is that your card?

Have fun performing the trick and check out the PartyWizz Home Entertainment series here for lots more activities you can do at home!

All the best


Hamish Urquhart

PartyWizz Founder