Entertainer Case Study: Emma Slowe

Entertainer Case Study: Emma Slowe

PartyWizz helped to grow my business by 40% in the last year. For me PartyWizz is not just a booking platform; it’s an extension of my business.

Over the last year, it has helped me increase my bookings by 40%.  It’s also enabled me to develop my brand from Being ‘Emma Slowe Entertainer’ to ‘Emma Slowe Entertainments’ as I’ve been able to grow my team and increase the variety of what I offer.

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The best thing about it is I’ve been able to do this without having to increase my overheads as PartyWizz doesn’t charge a marketing fee. It’s not like a directory site where you have to pay a large fee with no guarantee of any return. 

I love what I do, but to be honest, marketing is not one of my strong points so PartyWizz has allowed me to focus on building my team and working on the content of the packages I offer.

PartyWizz really treats me as their partner and not just a supplier. We have worked together both in person or on the phone in the last 18 months to grow my business. I value customer service when I deal with my customers and PartyWizz really gets that.

Their communication with partners is very strong and they are very proactive, always suggesting ways to enhance my business. 

Even where business has been affected by COVID-19, they continued to promote their entertainers by launching a video initiative of activities for kids to do at home. We were invited to contribute to this which helped keep us top of mind. 

The platform is extremely easy to use and offers huge flexibility.  I’ve been able to promote my services as a kids entertainer but also entertainment for adults by simply creating different profiles.  PartyWizz then boosts my visibility by promoting me in its own social media and online marketing. 

The site is very intuitive both for entertainment partners and for the customer who is booking.  It’s easy to create and update a profile, add reviews, and photos etc. 

While I’ve been on the platform I’ve also undertaken a rebrand and it’s been very easy to simply change my logo and images directly on the system. 

As well as this, PartyWizz reduces the amount of admin necessary.  The customer adds all their details when they make a booking, saving time, and the system processes the deposit and balance payments as well as sending reminders to both sides. 

I can also keep track of all my bookings easily in my login area of the website.  It’s clear this is a system that has been built by entertainers as they really understand our needs.

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