Get to know Kim Jenkinson of Littlemakendoers

Visual artist Kim puts on wonderfully creative and original arts and crafts parties where kids design their own item and then get to take it home with them.

These include everything from handmade journals and notebooks to necklaces and dreamcatchers.

Kim has been working creatively with children for many years, including running art classes for primary school children, and children’s library workshops.

A few of Kim’s party creations

Quickfire questions with Kim Jenkinson

We asked her a few quick-fire questions about her background, experiences and philosophy.

What’s your professional background?

I went to art college and then worked in TV post production before working with DLR Co. Council Arts office as part of their children’s programming as well as South Dublin Co. Council Libraries.

What kind of materials do you enjoy working with most?

I love 3D work and working with natural materials.

Why do you like doing what you do?

I love sharing my passion for art with kids. Children are not inhibited with their creativity and just go for it which is great to see.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I’ve been inspired by many different artists and creators but I’m also hugely inspired by research which suggests that the development of a child’s creative side in the early years can make a big difference in their general development.

What is your philosophy for working creatively with kids?

I encourage kids to be individual and enjoy the experience. I don’t like to over direct so every kid can make their own individual creation. I like to help bring out the creative potential of all, including the quieter children.

What makes your parties different?

I enjoy the challenge of tailoring the party to fit with whatever theme is required so I offer real flexibility. All kids leave the party with their own unique gift which is useful and they can interact with. This, I think, is far nicer to take home than most of the party bag fillers I see!

What advice would you give parents for putting on successful parties?

As a mum of three, I know what it’s like to have to plan and organise a party as well as try to find something fun to do in the first place. I would say try not to replicate what others have done and don’t get stressed by the competitive element to parties. Remember the best parties are the ones which are original and fun, not necessarily the most expensive.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you.

I’m addicted to collecting arts and crafts items. My house is therefore full of every conceivable material!

To learn more about Kim Jenkinson of Littlemakendoers, and how to book her for one of your events, take a look at her entertainer profile page.

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